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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Social Annotations: Collaborative Online Reading

Presenter: Paul Allison
Location: New York City


Presentation Description: For a few years, teachers in the New York City Writing Project and teachers whose students post and comment on Youth Voices have been using online annotation to move students toward critical careful reading, and we have learned how public, online annotation can add collaborative reading to the mix. Recently, we’ve been taking a a closer look at three text-commenting tools: 1) Hypothes.is https://hypothes.is, 2) NowComment https://nowcomment.com, and 3) Lit Genius http://lit.genius.com and beta.genius. We invite you to join us in this inquiry. We are proposing that we ask about the affordances of each of these tools and work them with other teachers, with our students, and with different types of texts.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Youth Voices – http://youthvoices.net
Teachers Teaching Teachers – http://edtechtalk.com/ttt

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