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Hot Teaching Spots

Presenter:   Maha Hassan

Location:   Cairo, Egypt


Presentation Title:   Hot Teaching Spots

Presentation Description:

For a long time we have been calling for learner autonomy. We have been asking teachers to help their learners take responsibility of their learning and enjoy doing that. From my point of view, we shouldn’t be asking teachers to do that, we should be helping them and guiding them how to do it. Helping them in such a way would urge them to seek Professional Development which means developing their teaching skills and updating their teaching knowledge lifelong. Not only that, but we should cooperate with them to help them apply what they study successfully.

Such a cause has become a community cause not a personal one. Enhancing education can change generations, not to mention the community. It’s a great call that requires cooperation from all sides involved. From here came our idea of gathering scholars, teachers and specialists to help change the mindset of teachers to accept PD. We also aim at exchanging experiences and helping each other with teaching difficulties on/off site.

Through my presentation, I would like to speak about how we started, how we used Discussions among teachers to help exchange ideas and open more doors for teachers to seek PD and how we were also happy to provide back advice for teachers who faced difficulties in class. I’d like also to give an idea about the different free activities that we hold online and on site to spread the idea and our efforts to communicate and cooperate with different organizations and NGOs to get to as many teachers as possible in our community and help raise the educational stake in our country.

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