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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The Global Educator

Presenter: Julie Lindsay
Location: Ocean Shores, New South Wales, Australia

Presentation Description: Do you know how to take your learning global? Embedding global understandings, connected learning and global collaborative activities across the curriculum within a digital learning environment is an imperative objective for all educators today. It must become ‘virtually unstoppable. But how?

The Global Educator shares what attributes, skills and mindset need to be adopted by educators in order to embrace connected and collaborative learning that is global in concept and practice. This presentation is a journey we will take together as we create our own stories of global connectedness. The attributes of a global educator are shared as are essential objectives to do with online global collaboration. Become a virtually unstoppable global educator by learning new strategies and approaches to global learning.


Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Connect with Julie……
Email: lindsay.julie@gmail.com
Blog: E-Learning Journeys – http://www.julielindsay.net
Portfolio: http://about.me/julielindsay
More information: http://flatconnections.com

See also, The Global Educator website http://theglobaleducator.net

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