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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

Ordinary/Amazing Stories of Connection

Presenter: Alan Levine
Location: Strawberry, AZ, USA

Presentation Title: Ordinary/Amazing Stories of Connection

Presentation Description: We all start out our educational careers (meaning when we were in kindergarten) intrinsically knowing the value of sharing. Somewhere between there and graduate school we lose track of this simple concept, be it worrying about intellectual property rights, fearing theft, or just questioning the value of what we do.

The open ecology of the internet can undermine what I think is learned and limiting stinginess. In this presentation I want to celebrate the True Stories of what happens to people when they share something openly on the web whether they think it ordinary or amazing. I asked colleagues to share their own stories of something unexpected, valuable, powerful, or just plain inspiring as a result of sharing that piece of media, document, video, blog post, even a single tweet that became valuable to someone they did not know before.

The power, the strength, the future of the internet as we know it now, depends on this two-way flow. Share openly, appreciate what others have done, and then share your story. I cannot guarantee amazing results or free trips to exotic countries.

But I can guarantee, if you never share anything openly, you will never having an amazing story happen to you.

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  1. Kim Thomas

    I loved, loved, loved this show. Watched it yesterday morning and by last night had already talked with a teacher about sharing her story! Will be sharing this show will teachers in the Madison School District (Phoenix, AZ) to help them, hopefully, become inspired to share their own stories and help students tell their stories as well. Thanks!!!

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