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2013 Open Learning

Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

Presenter: Bill Fitzgerald
Location: Portland, OR, US

Presentation Title: Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

Presentation Description: This presentation takes an initial idea – how to make butter in 15 minutes – and traces how to bring this initial concept into a set of openly licensed resources that can be used in a World Cultures class. The session is focused on process, so the techniques described can be used across grade levels.

The session covers planning, with an introduction to licensing and publishing.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
We have covered the process of authoring open content and licensing works in additional detail in these blog posts.


  1. Susan van Gelder

    A really well thought out session. I like the way you started simply – making butter – to using that as a jumping off point for exploring early world civilizations. So many questions could come out of this for research at any level of school.

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