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2013 Outside Learning

Connecting Classrooms Globally

Presenter: Todd Nesloney
Location: Waller, TX, USA

Presentation Title: Connecting Classrooms Globally

Presentation Description: Kids today live in a world where they can connect with anyone at any time. As teachers we need to be utilizing the tools we have at our disposal to connect our students with other classrooms, companies, and people from around the world! This session will talk about several of the tools you have that you can start using RIGHT AWAY to connect your students to others safely!

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Website: www.toddnesloney.com
Website: www.the3techninjas.org
Blog: nesloneyflipped.blogspot.com


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  2. Susan van Gelder

    I love your passion. I did my first collaboration (Montreal students to students in Puvirnituq QC) back in the late 80s. I remember the excitement of that first experience (just via email). The world is getting smaller and we need to give students experiences learning about other places.

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