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2012 Announcements

K12Online12 Day 4 Presentations: 25 October 2012

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Welcome to day four of the 2012 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Day 4 presentations include:


Valerie Burton
Show off your work online using Weebly.com


Bud Hunt
Make/Hack/Play: Lenses for Learning

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2012 Visioning New Curriculum

Make/Hack/Play – Lenses for Learning

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Presenter: Bud Hunt
Location: Longmont, Colorado USA
Twitter: @budtheteacher

Presentation Description: The Center for Make/Hack/Play grew out of a system asking itself questions about the purpose and role of schools as institutions of learning. In this presentation, Bud Hunt unpacks the terms that guide his inquiry about and work within schools.

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2012 Getting Started

Show off your work online using Weebly.com

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Presenter: Valerie R. Burton
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA
Twitter: @MsBisOnline

Presentation Description: Let me show you how to use Weebly.com to publish your work. Looking for a way to create ePortfolios for you and your students? Need a website for class? Join me in this session and I will show you how to create ePortfolios for your students and for yourself. Weebly.com can be used to publish work, share videos, create a blog and connect with others.

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