1. Sherry Haddox

    I started a blog two years and a wiki site but last year the lab was tied up with E2020 classes even when I was told that was my time so we did not do the blog or wiki site. I think that digital portfolios are a fantastic idea and will try to do them on the school website.

  2. Laura Walter

    Last year I had my first experience with blogging with my first graders. I’ve done portfolios for several years- what a great idea to put the two together.

  3. Steven Collins

    Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and successes with with Primary Digital Portfolios. I’m a second grade teacher and have pushed for e-portfolios for a number of years without success. Your story is a perfect example of why we should be moving towards digital portfolios.

  4. K. Sandler

    I really enjoyed your presentation!The idea of it all being posted on a blog makes it readily accessible for my students and therefore attainable.

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  8. Kathy Cassidy

    You have had really bad luck. I hope you are able to do portfolios with your students this year. We have parent/student/teacher conferences coming up this week, and I am looking forward to having the students share their work with their parents in this way.

    Laura and Steven,
    I hope you have as much success as I have. I can’t imagine going back to paper!

    K. Sandler
    Yes! It is always accessible for the parents as well.

  9. Glenda Forgie

    Our school is exploring e-portfolios in the primary grades. Your presentation caught my attention. Here are a few questions I have in regards to digital portfolios:

    What will an e-portfolio look like in first grade? What digital tool will we use to show student growth over time? Which digit tool is “first grade friendly”, where the students have ownership over their own work?

    I think blogging is a good place to begin.

    Maybe you could give me some feedback on the latter question above.


  10. Kathy Cassidy

    Hi Glenda,
    Here is an example of the complete portfolio of one of my students last year.
    My students definitely feel ownership for their work. They proudly point people to their blog, and often contribute articles from home or comment on the portfolios of their friends.
    The blogging tool that I use is not the only tool that will work for first grade. I know of several, but I’m sure there are more. I list some tools that would work well on the wiki that goes with this presentation,.

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