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K12Online Echo Webcast with Kelly Hines


Please join us for ournext K-12 Online Echo Webcast on 23/24 February 2010 with Kelly Hines! Our Echo Webcasts are FREE, take place approximately twice per month, and offer LIVE opportunities to learn from and interact with K12Online presenters. EdTechTalk provides our virtual meeting space for these events!

In this week’s Echo Webcast, Kelly will elaborate on her 2009 presentation: Little Kids, Big Possibilities.Check the date and time for your location and time zone. It will be Tuesday evening in North America.

For archives of the LAN parties, Fireside Chats and Echo, go toEdTechTalk.

If you haven’t seen Kelly’s 2009 presentation yet, you can view it now or wait to view it during the webcast. During each webcast, we have a live “backchannel” (including the presenter whose video we’re watching) where we can respond to and discuss the ideas raised in the presentation. We also spend time in live Q&A (over skype audio, which is shared via Ustream) discussing the presentation in-depth.

Hope you can join us for this week’s Echo Webcast!


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