(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.

Guestbook 2006

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  1. Daniel F. Bassill

    Daniel F. Bassill
    800 W. Huron, Chicago, Il. 60622
    President of Tutor/Mentor Connection, Cabrini Connections, a non-school organization that connects workplace mentors with inner city youth.
    http://www.tutormentorconnection.org and http://www.cabriniconnections.net

    I’ve been hosting face to face conferences of tutoring/mentoring supporters since 1994 and began to do this on the Internet in 2004. I hope that the K12 conference draws many different stakeholders together and links them to related discussions in places all over the world.

    The Internet offers the potential for conference participants to meet more of the people who attend a conference, and to stay connected in the months after a conference so they can put the ideas to better use in their work. I look forward to participating.

  2. Colette Cassinelli

    Graduate student in Pepperdine’s Online Educational Technology program and high school computer teacher at Valley Catholic School in Beaverton, Oregon. I am fairly new to Web 2.0 tools in the classroom and am looking forward to learning as much as I can.

  3. Tom Kennedy

    Plainville CT
    K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist

    Very excited about the possibilities that Web 2 technologies hold for students and teachers. I am a regular reader of a number of education blogs and am an advocate of Open Source Software.

    One of the things that most appeals to me about blogs, wikis, etc is that it doesn’t take much computing power to use them, they are platform independent, and many are free.

    We have begun to take some small steps in my district with blogs and wikis. This fall we will also be using a more traditional application, a forum (phpBB) , for a grade 8 book study.

  4. Jeff Utecht

    Shanghai American School
    Shanghai, China
    K12 Educational Technology Leader

    Looking forward to the conference. Working with our schools staff development team so that teachers here can get college credit for ‘attending’ the conference. I’m submitting 5 screencasts to the conference we’ll see how many make it.

    Looking forward to the conversation!

  5. Donna Bragg

    Louis E. Dieruff High School
    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Family & Consumer Science Teacher
    Future Educator’s Association Co-advisor

    I am looking forward to the conference. Implementing Web 2.0 technologies is my challenge for this school year and things are starting to fall into place. I hope to learn from other experiences of using some of these in the classroom.

  6. Matt Clausen

    Missoula, Montana
    English Teacher – Willard Alternative Program

    I, too, am looking forward to the conference. This is a curriculum review year for communication arts, so I am most interested in developing the integration of 21st century literacy skills. I also sit on the district instructional technologies committee and hope to get my fellow committee members interested in the conference.

    Many thanks to all those putting in the hard work to make this happen.

  7. Kurt Paccio

    Director of Technology
    Northampton, Pennsylvania

    An online conference is a new concept to me. Will be very interesting for presentors as well as participants. I hope to learn how all of the components of an online conference could be assembled and used for staff inservice. Looking forward to the event.

  8. Bob Hill

    I am looking forward to seeing how this works. The speed with which Web 2.0 is sweeping across the educational landscape is leaving convention conference concepts behind.

  9. Shirley Miller

    Cupertino, CA

    Seventh grade English Language Arts teacher

    I used wikis with my students last year and loved them. So far I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around a blog and how to do it for different classes of students. Also, last year I learned just a little about ipods and podcasting and RSS feeds, but didn’t use it, so now I done’t remember much.

    I’m looking forward to learning a lot through this online conference.

  10. Kathy Kawasaki

    York Mills Collegiate, Toronto, Canada

    Curriculum Leader, School-wide Initiatives

    I built a multi-author blog for our high school last year and I’ve started building a library resources wiki this year. Looking forward to your conference!

  11. Claire Hazzard

    I’m a teacher-librarian at a 1-12 school in Toronto, Canada. This will be my first ‘online conference’, and I’m looking forward to hearing about many new ideas.

  12. Nancy Scofield

    I’m Nancy Scofield, and I teach 11th and 12th grade English at Rye High School in Rye, Colorado.

    I’m very excited about this online conference. Web 2.0 tools add so much possibility to he realm of education. I’ve tried to learn some on my own, but attending this conference will be a huge boost to my education.

    Thanks to all who are putting this together!

  13. John Norton

    I’m an education writer and consultant involved in building virtual professional communities of teachers and in a project promoting 21st Century teaching and learning. I love the ideas behind this conference!

  14. Scott S. Floyd

    My name is Scott S. Floyd, and I live in Gladewater, Texas. I am a middle school language arts teacher (7th grade) and gifted and talented coordinator (6th – 8th). I am also the technology liason for the Bluebonnet Writing Project at the University of Texas at Arlington (a National Writing Project affiliate).

    I am excited about the chance to take part in a pioneering conference that will benefit educators and students alike worldwide. I have followed (virtually) most everyone involved in this project for quite some time. It will be great to participate in this fashion.

  15. Charlene Chausis

    I love Jeff U.’s idea of using this conference for formal Staff Development. I am forming an after-school class for teachers, providing continuing-ed credits using our “home grown” staff development program.

  16. Susan van Gelder

    I’m an educational consultant for an organization that supports education in a variety of ways for the English schools in the province of Quebec in Canada. I have recommended the conference to the leaders in educational technology in the province. I’ll be participating as much as I can.

  17. Jen Austin

    I manage Instructional Services/Educational Technologies for the Graduate School of Education, University at Buffalo.
    I’m looking forward to participating in the conference. See you there!

  18. Theresa Meade

    Hello! I am very excited about this conference. I teach in Richmond, Virginia and am a K-5 math instructor. I deliver services to 5 counties, so I am quite interested in ways to WOW the students and teachers with whom I work. My greatest hope is that I will find a way to integrate more technology into my lessons while also increasing my depth of understanding.

  19. Dianne Baillie

    I teach Math to Cycle 1 High School students in Quebec. Our school board provides laptops to students and staff, so I am very interested in participating in this conference – a first for me!

  20. Dave Scoville

    Educational Consultant
    My organization has been hosting an educational technology conference going on 24 years now. In the last few years we’ve entered into the realm of online courses. But this (online conference) is an interesting concept. I’m curious to see how it plays out.

  21. Scott Merrick

    I’m K-4 Technology Coordinator in a thriving non-sectarian independent school in urban Nashville, Tennessee 4 days a week, and on Mondays I work for the Vanderbilt University Center for Science Outreach as Teacher-in-residence. In the former role I look for ways to begin to teach our youngest learners to learn for themselves (to paraphrase David Warlick) and in the latter I host a bi-weekly podcast called “Snacks4theBrain!” that features interviews with scientists and educators and independent music, another of my interests. I am currently co-chairing a “School Renewal” (read: school accreditation process vehicle) committee on “Commitment to Emerging Technologies, and hope to bring my committee members into the conference arena! Very cool, ya’ll. Oh, also very into IVC (interactive videoconferencing) and will look at presenting something geared to addressing the obstacles inherent in that technology…

  22. Julie Lindsay

    Head of Technology
    Direactor of eLearning
    International School Dhaka

    Congratulations to all organisers, conveners and keynotes for pulling this together. I am looking forward to the interaction and sharing.

  23. Brinda Oogarah-Pratap

    I am a teacher trainer from Mauritius (a small island on the East Coast – for those of you who haven’t heard of Mauritius). I am very much interested in the use of educational technology and curently pursuing my doctoral studies in this field.

    I’ll try my best to submit a proposal by next week in orer to participate in this conference. In any case, I think online conferences should be promoted.

  24. Graham Wegner

    I am an ICT Coordinator and classroom teacher at a primary school here in Adelaide, Australia. Having played with online technology for a while now, I am particularly interested in the concept of Professional Learning for educators via read/write technologies.

  25. April Chamberlain

    Trussville, Alabama
    District Technology Integration Specialist

    I have just come out of the classroom to teach teachers about teaching and learning in the 21st Century. I am a Fellow with the Alabama Best Practice Center’s 21st Century Program in which I have grown tremendously in the last year. I am looking forward to making connections with others, collaborating, and growing. Thank you for this opportunity!

  26. Joseph Papaleo

    Melbourne, Australia
    IT and Mathematics teacher, IT Coordinator (Curriculum) at an Independent School

    I’m learning more about blogs, wikis, podcasts, screencasts through reading other people’s blogs and sites. On one hand, I feel so isolated, yet on the other hand, so close through their sites.
    I am very interested in developing new ideas for my classes and can’t wait for the conference.
    Thanks to the organisers.

  27. Jeff

    Jeff Mason

    Pensacola, FL

    Biology Teacher

    There is much excitement on-line about the new “tools”, but I see very little around me. I am very anxious to learn all I can.

  28. Linda Newell

    Technology/business teacher
    working on PhD in Ed with distance/elearning specialization
    Master Technology Teacher
    Currently teaching and designing 9th grade online business course

  29. Saundra Hopkins

    I work at Seoul Foreign School, in logically enough, Seoul Korea. My job title is Manager of Information Resources, and as this is my first year here, I’m still figuring out what that means. I am looking forward to learning how others are using Web 2.0 tools and discussing how we all see technology best used in K-12 schools, no matter where in the world they may be.

  30. Paul Harrington

    This online conference seems like a great idea. I am a Primary School teacher from Wales UK into blogs and podcasts, and will certainly be making time to listen to the discussions and some seminars.

  31. Lynne Culp

    This conference sounds like a great rallying point for those of us just learning Web 2.0 technologies. We’re game, it seems, but often we need the opportunity to see how those just ahead are doing…so that we too can make giant leaps.

    I teach English and Journalism in an Arts/Media/Communication academy at Northridge Academy High School near Los Angeles.

  32. Jeff Whipple

    Technology Mentor: 1:1 Notebook Computer Project
    Nashwaaksis Middle School
    Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

    We are currently in the process of rolling out over 550 laptops to all students in Grade 7 and 8 at our school.

    My biggest challenge as a Technology Mentor will be to infect teachers with the same enthusiasm for the technology that the students have, give them the skills to use the technology and, most importantly, the vision to see the powerful impact that moving past being digital consumers and towards using Web 2.0 tolls can have in our classrooms.

    The idea of an on-line conference is exciting and bold. I hope to involve a number of our teaching staff.

  33. Mark van 't Hooft

    Kent State University
    Research Center for Educational Technology
    Tech Specialist/Researcher

    It’s about time we had a conference like this one. I just hope that many who still do not get it will participate, and that it doesn’t become another example of preaching to the choir 😉

  34. Barbara Barreda

    This is a great opportunity. I am an administrator of a multicultural Catholic School in Los Angeles. I hope that my whole staff will be able to participate. To help I will set aside all faculty meeting time for the confrence during those two weeks.

  35. Carolyn

    I’m a high school librarian/cybrarian? in Austin, Texas.

    I think this is going to be a very interesting endeavor. I’m impressed by the variety of viewers for this online conference and think that is an exciting dimension of doing the conference online.

    We have a new vision committee on my campus and I look forward to bringing back lots of ideas to the committee.

  36. Barbara Bray

    I am owner and founder of My eCoach – an online community that focuses on coaching and mentoring. Several of my eCoaches sent me information about your conference and it sounds just what we need. My program is mostly virtual and starts out for many of the eCoaches as a face-to-face just to get the community going. I started with a listserv – see a few names here of people on it. It’s quiet now because I’m busy supporting communities within eCoach. It’s so much fun to work in your pajamas and not rush out in traffic. I’m sitting here in Oakland, CA with my coffee right now writing this and supporting a team in Ohio, San Diego, and other places around the world. Isn’t that what this technology is supposed to do: connect, help us collaborate, learn from each other, and share what we know.

  37. Chris Betcher

    Hi, and Gday from an Aussie teacher working in Ontario Canada.

    I’m on a teaching exchange program at the moment and have enjoyed the opportunity to experience another school system.

    I’m looking forward to connecting with leading educators from all over the world, and to really start some great dialog about the pressing issues that face us and our students in the world of today.

    Bring it on!


  38. Milt Rehberg

    Milt Rehberg
    Jackson, MI
    Middle School Social Studies Teacher

    I’ve been reading, listening, and learning and am looking forward to the presentataions. This type of professional development goes soooo far beyond what my school has been able to offer. I’m working quickly to bring 21st century education tools to my students learning experience. I’m making the other members of our school improvement team aware of this great opportunity.

  39. Sharon Betts

    Educational Technology Coordinator in a rural Maine district. I am very interested in opensource solutions for K-12 problems.
    I am using Moodle and MyePort for year long professional development this year. I am very anxious to participate in this conference and hope to interest many of my classroom teachers.

  40. John

    John Schwartfeger
    High School Math Teacher
    Rotorua/New Zealand

    Kia Ora(greetings) from way Down Under looking forward to an online conference

  41. Jo McLeay

    just listening to Wes Fryer on Edtech Talk. I’m an English teacher in Melbourne Australia and just love anything to do with edtech and building educational communities and connections. I’ll be trying to participate as much as I can in the conference.

  42. Craig Nieminski

    Looking foreword to conference and podcasts, conference and blogs, conference and creative minds; assisting me to cope with arresting isolation and administrivia anxiety here in the tropical savannah of the Northern Territory of Australia.

  43. Brad Niessen

    Brad Niessen – The TechTeacher Podcast
    Instructional Technology Sepcialist & Interactive Distance Learnign Facilitator
    Wichita Public Schools
    Wichita, Kansas

    This conference is a prime example of Web 2.0. I can’t wait!

  44. Louis Loeffler

    I am an Assistant Professor and Dept Chair of Instructional Technology at Cardinal Stritch University (http://www.stritch.edu). My department mission To improve teaching and learning for Wisconsin students and to repare all students to be 21st Century learners and citizens, we provide a program for K-12 practioners by K-12 practioners can only be enhanced through a conference like this.

    I look forward to learning and contributing.

  45. Peggy George

    Arizona State University’s West Campus

    I’m very excited about participating in this online conference! I have been exploring Web 2.0 tools and strategies for the past year and have learned so much from the many experts in this field from NECC 2006, AzTEA, podcasts, blogs, books, the internet, multiple listservs, and my tech colleagues. I would love to see a presentation that provides the details about how an online conference is set up because I think this is such a fantastic concept.

  46. Margo Jantzi


    I’m a Gifted Education Teacher for students in Grades K-5.

    I love to see how technology integration makes learning REAL for my students.

    The conference will be such a highlight of professional development for me.


  47. Kevin Hodgson

    Hi everyone
    I am going to try to make time to join in on the conversations and pick some brains and get some ideas. I teach sixth grade and I am a tech liaison for the Western Massachusetts Writing Project. I am also a co-editor of a proposed book project that seeks to examine ways in which tech is changing our conceptions of composition in the classrooms.
    This all sounds very exciting.
    Thanks and best of luck.


  48. John Kain

    I’m a tech specialist for the Phoenix Elementary School District in Phoenix, AZ. We’re jumping in to blogging and podcasting with our students, so I’m interested in getting some practical tips out of this conference.

  49. Rachel Murphy

    Instructional Technology Specialist with Granite School District, Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Innovative ideas, that’s why I will be participating. I think the online conference idea is one of the more innovative ideas, I’ve run across in awhile. Thanks!

    PS. If you are going to have a wiki page to summarize the weeks, and need people, like I’ve seen David Warlick demo while presenting, I’m game. It is one of the things I hope will be discusssed at some point in the conference–how to get one going, challenges, successes, etc.

  50. Wayhe Howes

    I am an ICT facilitator, in the Thames-Coromandel area of New Zealand. I work with a group of remote rural primary schools who are exploring ways of bringing the world into their classrooms. This conference is an exciting idea for extending this explortion.

    I look forward to involvement in the events of this conference.

  51. Sue Tabaka

    Sue Tabaka
    Cold Spring, MN USA
    Librarian/Media Educator
    Teacher Trainer

    All I can say is WOW! I am so excited about this whole idea and especially excited to share this with the staff I work with. Thank you!

  52. Lauren Fee

    I’m an Instructional Technology Consultant with Instructional Technology Services of Central Ohio, (ITSCO) in Columbus Ohio. I’m looking forward to this event!

  53. Mary Catton

    I’m the Academic Director at American Academy charter school in Lone Tree, Colorado. I’m looking forward to a conference where I don’t have to use school funds for a hefty registration fee and hotel. It looks like a very eclectic group of educators will be participating.

  54. Janice Friesen

    I am an unaffiliated educator in Austin, Texas. Right now I am substitute teaching and seeking more full time employment. I think that this is a very creative and exciting idea. I am looking forward to learning and also connecting with others.


  55. Westley


    Westley here. Director of eLearning at MLC in Sydney Australia. We are doing some pretty cool things within a 1 to 1 blended learning environment. I am super keen to push a few boundaries moving teaching into web 2.0 tools.

    Very keen to try to keep involved with the conference but have struggled with times in the past. Lets see how it goes now the tools have improved. Happy to answer questions on what we are up to down under.

  56. Cathy Williams

    I am the Instructional Technology Consultant for a K-12 public school district in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am just starting to delve into Web 2.0 and thus I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn what the opportunities are and what others in education are doing with it. Thanks for providing this cool way to participate in the online conference.

  57. Kim Cofino

    Middle school tech integration specialist at Mont’Kiara International School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Anxiously awaiting a jet-lag free conference 🙂

  58. Rhonda Christensen

    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Dallas TX
    Research Scientist
    University of North Texas

    I look forward to learning from this conference. It is a great way to share these tools for instruction with other educators.
    Will any students be involved in the presentations? If not, that would be something to consider in the future.

  59. Terrance O'Neil

    Instructional Technology Specialist
    St. John’s Prep School
    Danvers, MA

    I enjoyed David Warlick’s preconference talk. Hoping to learn lots of cool ideas from this virtual gathering.

  60. Jim Lerman

    NJ Consortium for Middle Schools
    Author for ISTE
    101 Best Websites for Elementary Teachers
    101 Best Websites for Secondary Teachers
    101 Best Websites for Teacher Tools and Professional Development (new!)

    Really looking forward to this conference. Should yield lots of great information and incredible networking opportunities for all. What a wonderful idea! Kudos galore for all the organizers, presenters, and attendees.

  61. Chris Pultz

    Computing Services Support & Training
    Lincoln Public Schools
    Lincoln, NE

    Great idea – great execution. Looking forward to the content. Thank you to all involved with organizing this!

  62. Tonya Witherspoon

    This conference is a great idea! Thanks to all for organizing and participating in this event. I am currently teaching an online graduate technology course at Wichita State University and I invited my whole class to attend the K-12 Online Conference. I’ve never been able to take a class on a two-week field trip–ever. Imagine the logistics, funding, and other issues I would normally have in providing this kind of experience and relevant information for my students – the web provides a great information and discussion tool!!

  63. Craig Mantin

    HI all, I am am a middle school math and tech educator located in suburbia NY. I also am an adjunct for several higher educational institutions teaching various instructional technology courses.

    I presently subscribe to many of the blogs/podcasts provided by several of the keynote speakers and organizers. They are all extremely knowledgeable and interesting.

    I look fwd to this event and the potential it has to offer. One can already see prior to the event the collaborative power…
    Looking fwd to sharing & learning.

  64. Renee Moore

    I teach English at a rural community college in the Mississippi Delta. I am relatively new to WEb 2.0 tools, but I am fascinated by the possibilities they offer students, teachers, and teacher educators. I’m here to learn.

  65. John Martin

    What an exciting endeavor!

    I am currently the Coordinator of Learning Technologies for the Lamson Learning Commons at Plymouth State University. While so many folks look to higher ed as the incubator for so many tech initiatives, it has been my experience that the K-12 world is as innovative as they come. I am looking forward to making connections with and learning from this dynamic community!

  66. Christine Greenhow

    Researcher and Teacher Educator interested in studying the impact of the Web 2.0 on teaching and learning and teachers’ experiences with these tools. I look forward to hearing what folks are doing with Web 2.0!

  67. Christine Greenhow

    Researcher and Teacher Educator interested in studying the impact of the Web 2.0 on teaching and learning and teachers’ experiences with these tools. I look forward to hearing what folks are doing with Web 2.0!

  68. Lee Anne Morris

    Tulsa, OK
    Assistant Professor
    Tulsa Community College
    The Eighth Floor
    I teach technology integration to area K-College educators.
    I also teach English to college freshmen and sophmores.

    I’m just getting started developing Web 2.0 classes for teachers. So far we have taught classes on blogs and podcasting. Next month we are doing wikis and social bookmarking. I am also trying to practice what I preach in my college classrooms. I’m still learning how to teach with these tools and learning how to teach teachers these skills. I am looking for ways to do all this better.

  69. Lyn Sorenson

    Kirkland WA
    User Services Librarian
    Adjunct Professor
    Northwest University
    I teach the Technology of Education class

    I’m excited to be part of this online conference and am looking forward to learning some exciting things regarding Web 2.0 and technology.

  70. Erica Whiteman

    St. Petersburg, FL
    Pre-service Teacher
    USF College of Education Laptop Initiative

    I heard about the conference on the EdTech Talk podcast and could hardly contain my excitement. I am enrolled in USF’s College of Education Laptop Initiative, a pilot project with Apple. I will be spreading the word on this fabulous opportunity.

    Thank You!

  71. Maureen Irwin

    I’m just getting started at the conference, but I loved the keynote. Any chance that it will be published as an mp3 file? the mp4 won’t download to my iPod, and I’m sure I’d like to visit it again–and again–and again! Thanks!

  72. John Patten

    Modesto, CA USA
    Sylvan Union School District
    Director of Technology and Information Systems

    Love the idea of an online conference not tied to specific dates and times! Good to be putting theory into practice 🙂

    Looking forward to the future!

  73. Dee Martin

    Project Lab Coordinator Paris High School, Paris Texas
    What a great way to learn. I’ve already been able to listen to David’s keynote and read the blogs of others who are involved in this conference.- often in my jammies with a latte in my own living room!

  74. Al Doherty

    As an ICT coordinator for a school division in Southern Manitoba Canada, my job is to get the technology to the students via the teachers.”Working Smarter and not Harder” is my motto.The average non-techie teacher these days is far too buisy to be learning applications, and the Web 2.0 products seems to be part of the answer to this problem.
    Online conferencing is an obviuos soultion to getting more participants involved on a world wide bases.As soome as I fugure out the process and management of online conferencing…I’ll be there! Thanks to the organizers for taking this historic first step.

  75. Michael Cridland

    G’day from Brisbane, Australia!

    2006 is my first year of teaching and I am lucky enough to have a class of Year 6/7 students!

    I’m really enjoying the challenges that the teaching profession brings and I’m looking forward to being a part of this superb online initiative!


  76. Deborah Cramer

    I am a math teacher in a large public high school in Sarasota, Florida. I have been teaching for 20 years. I am relatively new at using the 2.0 technologies. I have a couple blogs on my teacher web site. I am really excited about this conference and appreciate all the effort it took to pull it together. Thank you.

  77. Lynne Wolters

    Assistant Professor Educational Technology
    Concordia University College of Education
    Portland, OR USA

    Thank you to all who are pioneering into the use of Web 2.0 tools for the creation of learning environments for students. Please consider joining me for our monthly Web 2.0 Tools for Schools educator professional development in Tapped In. Our next online meeting is November 16th, 5-6 pm PDT. Tapped In professional development is FREE!

  78. Jamie Madson

    Jamie Madson
    Director of Technology
    Rockford Area Schools
    Rockford, Minnesota

    As a first year technology director. I’m fascinated by the possibilities Web 2.0 technolgies for our students and teachers.

  79. Janice Stearns

    Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this together. This conference is amazing! The wealth of resources that will be together in one place makes this a great place to send those who want to learn more. I’m an educator in Los Angeles, CA.

  80. Jon Orech

    Hello! I am an English teacher and a “Curricular Technology Consultant” from Downers Grove Illinois, USA. I’m really excited to see what’s doing in this conference! What a great idea! I am especially interested in wikis, and although not mentioned here, Digital Storytelling. We use Blackboard for our web interface, and Photostory 3 for DST. I’m particularly interested in developing (and sharing with others!) ideas for collaborative writing. I do something called “Hi-Tech Lit Circles, which utilizes discussion boards and wikis. Also, since we use flickr.com for DST I’m always interested in utilizing that tool better.
    Also, I do inservice workshops on Digital Storytelling, Digital inquiry, and Hi tech Lit Circles.
    Nice to meet you all!


  81. John Norton

    I’m an education writer and consultant who has helped develop several virtual professional communities in education. I’m also involved with conference co-organizer Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach in an online professional development project in Alabama — 21st Century Schools — where teachers are falling in love with Web 2.0!

    Just want to add that I’ve had a peek behind the curtain at the hard work contributed by the conference organizers. For the most part, they are individuals who work with students and teachers every day to make 21st Century learning a reality in schools everywhere. They’ve done this on their own time, because they believe in the importance of this work. They are not content to send down missives from Mt. Blog about who can or cannot claim to be authoritative about teaching and learning in the new Millennium. Bless them!

  82. David Sinclair

    David Sinclair
    Mont’Kiara International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    IT Education Coordinator

    Mensch! The possibilities are endless. Web 2.0 will dramatically alter the educational landscape. The notion of collaborating and propagating thought have set the wheels in motion. What a great conference concept. I am excited about the coming days, stimulate to educate.

  83. John Pearce

    I teach grade 3-4 in Geelong, Victoria Australia. We are beginners in this beguiling world of Web 2.0 and I am absolutely loving the fantastic conversation that is being generated around the themes of this conference. Having just had a Skype chat with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, I am in awe of the people who concieved of using the technology in this so emblamatic way. Bring on the rest of sessions 🙂

  84. Kevin Doyle

    I am the President & CEO of TaskStream, ‘Tools of Enagement’ http://www.taskstream.com. We provide Web2 tools for colleges, universities, secondary and elementary schools for demonstrating learning achievement through electronic portfolios. We are currently underwriting the REFLECT Initiative (Reseaching Electronic portFolios, Learning, Enagagement, Collaboration through Technology) a two-year research project for secondary school students directed by Dr. Helen Barrett.
    We would be interested in exploring sponsorship of your next planned conference.

  85. Barbara Besal

    So cool! There is so much info out there, I can’t wrap my mind around it! But I’m willing to try! I’m a first-year teacher and am amazed at some of the skills my kids *don’t* have, so I’m anxious to get them prepared for their future! I’m excited to hear your ideas and hopefully (in time) contribute some of my own!!

  86. Richard Kuhlenschmidt

    I just ran across your site and wanted to let you know about a free web-based calendaring solution we are offering for schools, Famundo, http://www.famundo.com.

    Famundo acts as your public face on the web, where you can post events to the school families or even the general public. Famundo also includes document storage for things like field trip permission slips, etc.

    Here is a school that is currently using Famundo, http://stmatthewsschool.famundo.com.

    I would be happy to answer any questions or comments.

    Richard Kuhlenschmidt, CEO
    Famundo, LLC

  87. Paul LeBrun

    I am am InterActive Media instructor at the Skowhegan Regional Vocational Center and an Art Teacher at the Marti Stevens Learning Center in Skowhegan, ME. I have taught a technology oriented fine arts program in an alternative setting for many years before working at the Vocational Center. I am PC based which already seems like and obstictal with the use of MP4 on this site :-). I use Sony Vegus and Acid Pro for my podcasts and Blog with a November Learning set up.I am skating on thin ice in my district doing a podcasts of student music done on Acid Pro. The main issue is the bandwith that streaming uses. They also worry about copy right violations but our music is original so I think I have that one covered. I look forward to taking part in this strand.

  88. Dan Bassill

    I also think this conference is a great idea. I lead a non profit that seeks to recruit business people to be volunteers, leaders, tutors and mentors in structured programs that help inner city kids move through school and to careers. I host a conference in Chicago every May and November and have been building an eLearning and conferencing capacity. I hope that some of you might take a look at this and join this effort as a way to build a greater range of support and learning opportunities for kids in your own schools or cities.

    You can read about the conference at http://www.tutormentorconference.bigstep.com and see the library of web resources that we’ve created at http://www.tutormentorconnection.org

  89. Rob Garrett

    I am a college student at Northwest University. I’m just checking the site out for a class and it looks great so far.

  90. shelley Kaiser

    I’m a senior at Northwest University here in washington and am in the midst of the education program….I’m just checking out the site to see how technology can help me out in my future profession.

  91. Cassie Hart

    I am a senior at Northwest University and I am in the process of getting my BA in elementary education. I am just looking through this site to gain a little more experience with technology.

  92. Stephanie Amundsen

    I am an education student at Northwest University in Kirkland Washington. I have almost completed my health and fitness endorsement which will enable me to teach K-12 PE and health.

  93. Marsha Ratzel

    I can’t say enough about all the different things I’ve learned over the course of this conference. I’m most excited about 2 things. The Taking It Global blogging capabilities….I think they may have solved some of the security issues and incorporated the blogging features I want for my students.

    And I was completely overwhelmed with the Google Earth camtasia movie. The presenter was clear, organized and inspiring. As I checked through all the hyperlinks, I found resource upon resource that was invaluable. I can’t get enough.

    All of this led me to re-discovering an old friend, Flickr, used in an expanded way. Which then got me off my duff and designing an assessment for kids next week. The Buble tool should be extremely useful.

    Thank you to all the presenters. this was beyond excellent. It was top notch. I’ve been sent to all sorts of technology conferences and I have NEVER EVER learned as much. I’m sad it’s over. But I think I will come back and back to this resource….it’s a treasure chest. I only wish there was an ongoing community of folks that wanted to hang out together and talk about this stuff all the time. Help each. Lean on each other. inspire each other.


  94. Candace Hackett Shively

    I have been “attending” the conference off and on for weeks. Finally got around to signing the book! I am a 27 year teaching veteran who runs a web site for teachers. Bravo to all who are dedicated enough to be here.

  95. Darren Kuropatwa

    We don’t really have a mailing list but there are a few things you can do to “keep in touch.” 😉

    Add yourself to our frapper map here:

    Subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed:

    Join the growing K12 Online community at Tapped In. They’re having monthly blog club meetings once a month using various presentations from the conference as discussion/learning pieces:

    Joining Tapped In is free, you can start off as a guest. Click on [search] (top right corner of screen), then click the [Groups] tab, then search for “k12online.”


  96. Ted

    Classrooms for the Future Coach
    Easton, PA

    This sounds very exciting and I will be sure to pass it along.

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