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2014 2014-Gamification

#Gamifi_ED Networked Intergenerational Learning

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Presenter: Verena Roberts
Location: CALGARY
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Presentation Description: It all started with an idea put out on twitter – “It’s Ironic that my tweets about creating hunger games online learning opportunity- is the way I feel about learning.”

Lee Graham saw the tweet and started the #Gamifi-ED collaboration. Based on the Educurious “Hunger Games” module, we challenged ourselves to create an opportunity for her graduate students to take a pdf module and turn it into an open online networked experience. To add to the momentum, Vicki Davis, and her grade 9 class and Colin Osterhout joined our team – and #Gamifi-ED was formed. We all became gamemakers and took on different aspects of one giant intergenerational networked online project. Lee and Vicki worked with their students to create a rubric that evaluated serious games and created an creative commons licensed wiki full of student and teacher reviewed “serious games”. To help them, Verena organized an “Open Online Community”. Over two weeks, experts from around the world shared their experiences with the world through Google Hangouts. All of these webinars were saved as OPen Educational Resources in the #Gamifi-ED youtube channel. Finally, Colin introduced the students to Hunger Games simulations in Minecraft. Lee completed the project by challenging her graduate students to demonstrate their understanding of leadership and games by creating video “trailers” of new serious games.

The project proved the power of learning through collaboration and inquiry in online networked environments. Everyone developed an appreciation of the potential of games in education.

Additional Information:
Wiki: https://gamifi-ed.wikispaces.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGAzdAjKx64Fvw6z_kdDOTg

Higher Ed Course: http://uasleadership.wordpress.com/

Vicki Davis Blog: http://www.coolcatteacher.com/gamifi-ed-project-update1/

Edutopia Post about #Gamifi-ED http://www.edutopia.org/blog/gamification-in-education-vicki-davis

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

Digital Story Telling Through App Smashing

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Presenter: Caroline Doughty
Location: Alexandria, Virginia

Presentation Description: Classrooms across America use digital story telling apps to enhance students’ understanding and learning. Why stop at one app? App Smashing is a technology integration technique where students use two or more apps to create an original work. When app smashing, students process and share information through diverse apps that require different abilities (writing, speaking, drawing). Classrooms can create original, creative, and innovative stories that showcase learning and deepen students’ knowledge.

2014 2014-Gamification

Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

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Presenter: Harrison McCoy
Location: Arlington, Texas, USA


Presentation Title: Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

Presentation Description: Gamification is one of the hottest topics in education today. This presentation explores how to gamify the entire classroom by creating a gaming culture in which assignments are embedded in quests that earn participants points, badges, prizes and the ability to level up in a year-long game. This strategy teaches individual accountability, collaboration, community service, leadership, academic achievement in core content areas, critical thinking and problem solving.

Additional Information:

Check out my professional development blog at www.theothereduguy.blogspot.com

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other

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Presenter: Jared Colley and Joel Garza
Location: Arlington, TX and Addison, TX

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how a good idea was born out of a collaboration involving three teachers who first set out to do something very traditional with their English classes. Growing from a shared interest to try something different, teachers experimented to understand the organic but deliberate aspects of one instance of collaboration, made possible by technology and open-minded spirits. In the beginning, however, the idea was largely traditional: to host a collaborative, inter-institutional paper conference for high school students. This is the story of how a traditional vision became the catalyst for 21st century learning practices – attempting, from there, to outline the emotional anatomy of such collaborative experiences.

New media presents promising opportunities for students and teachers together to think beyond traditional methods for collaboration, and our experience is a story about learning involving three classes that simultaneously engaged two literary texts in such a way. Collaboratively, students read more critically, thought more divergently, and synthesized their ideas creatively; they engaged in unexpected conversations, demonstrated knowledge through multiple media, and inspired creative thinking in their peers and us, demonstrating the relationship between teaching practices and student habits of mind. Digital/nontraditional collaboration empowered students to formulate questions for new audiences, to understand through practice the relationship between purpose, audience, and word – doing so by blogging articles, preparing videos, and recording audio mp3s. The story concludes with the final composition of traditional conference papers, shared inter-institutionally, and we seek to outline the logistics and emotional realities of such an endeavor.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
A Tale of Three Schools

Additional Information:
Celebrating James Joyce’s Dubliners
Celebrating Richard III

2014 2014-Gamification

The iPad’s Killer App

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Presenter: Ben Rimes
Location: Mattawan, Michigan, United States


Presentation Description: For the hundreds of thousands of apps on the iPad, there is one often neglected app that already comes pre-installed; the Camera App! Exploration of the world around us using video and images allows students to capture elements of curiosity and real world examples of concepts for assessment, demonstration of knowledge, and creating engaging learning opportunities. This screencast/video will give educators ideas to challenge their students to capture the world around them and move past gamification, towards more playful learning experiences that rely more on intrinsic motivation, rather than extrinsic devices, badges, and stimuli.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

PLN Power: A Personal Story

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Presenter: Jeffrey Bradbury
Location: New Jersey

Presentation Description: What happens when an educator starts educating outside of the classroom? Why do so many teachers spend their free time blogging, podcasting, conference presenting and much more? What if the work they are doing outside of the classroom is impactful to their work inside of the classroom? What if… the work that happens inside the classroom is transferred back to the work happening outside of the classroom? In this presentation, Jeff Bradbury takes a look at a very personal subject all based on the work happening both in and outside of the classroom walls.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

6 Second Stories for Learning

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Presenter: Ben Wilkoff
Location: Denver, CO

Presentation Description: This presentation is based upon the idea that our stories for learning should be easy to create and share. In fact, they should really just be moments of learning, told in order to capture something important that is happening in our classrooms and schools.

This presentation takes a look at 103 of my moments. In each of these “Six Second Stories for Learning” I dive into what I have learned in working with students and adults over the last decade. They are about the connections I have made and the realizations that I have worked for.

In creating these 6 second stories, I made a challenge both for myself and for anyone who watches this keynote.

I challenged myself to tell the most honest stories I could, to not hold back and only reveal the “good” parts of my learning path. I hope I did that.

I am challenging you to do the same, to tell your own “6 Second Stories for Learning” from your own contexts. So, install vine on your phone and start sharing those moments!

If you do decide to take me up on the challenge, make sure you include the hashtag #6secSFL or #6SecondStoriesForLearning.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
The David Warlick Keynote that is referenced at the end of the video is this one from the 2007 K12 Online Conference. It is definitely worth a watch:

Other Links for Ben Wilkoff:
Google+: http://google.com/+benwilkoff
Youtube: http://youtube.com/bhwilkoff
Vine: https://vine.co/u/907536965623234560

Presenter Bio: Ben Wilkoff is the Director of Personalized Professional Learning in Denver Public Schools. He has taught middle schoolers English. He has managed online communities for Edmodo and been an Online Learning and Technology Resources Specialist for Douglas County Schools. He was named the Totally Wired Teacher of the year in 2007 by Edutopia and has blogged at Learning is Change since 2004. He is married to his favorite person, and loves his three children quite a little bit. He is passionate about personalized learning, technology with purpose, and creating at least one new thing every day. In short, he teaches, and learns. A lot.

2014 2014-Gamification 2014-Keynote

Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning

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Presenter: Kevin Hodgson
Location: Southampton, MA, USA

Presentation Description: Everywhere you look, young people are playing games and mostly, they are playing games on their screens. But are they merely consumers of content or are they creators of it? With a nod towards the ideas of gamifying the classroom, this keynote presentation will delve into detail around encouraging young people to design and publish their own content-area video games, while still meeting pedagogical aims of teachers. By tapping into the elements of “play” and teaching the concepts of “design,” educators can engage students of all ages in gaming in a very positive way.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
My Flipboard Collection on Gaming in Schools: https://flipboard.com/section/game-design-and-learning-bs1AKc

2014 2014 Teasers

Teaser: Gamification Keynote – Game on by @dogtrax

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Ladies and Gentleman, Educators, K12 Online Fans, Gamers or whatever you call yourselves, thanks for joining us for the k12 online conference 2014 edition!

A big shoutout to @wfryer for kicking off the the K12 Online Conference this past week with his Keynote:  Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning  Please check out if you have not done so and share with your network.  

Check out Kevin Hodgson’s Keynote Promo for the Gamification strand. It will go live on Monday October 20, 2014. 

PROMO (Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning) by @dogtrax






2014 2014-Keynote 2014-Stories for Learning

Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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Presenter: Wesley Fryer
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

Presentation Title: Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Presentation Description: What ignites your spark for teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom? What sustains your spark for creativity and innovation? What can be a spark of innovation to encourage teachers who are not early adapter / innovators in our schools? These questions and more are addressed by Wesley Fryer, Rachel Fryer, Brad Wilson, Autumn Laidler, Jess McCulloch, Cheryl Oakes, Amy Burvall, Richard Byrne, Kevin Hodgson, Brian Crosby, Jennie Magiera, Jason Neiffer, Diane Woodard, and Michelle Roundy in this opening keynote presentation for the 2014 K-12 Online Conference. Come travel with us from Oklahoma City to Michigan, Chicago, Australia, Maine, Nevada, Montana, California, New York and Wyoming as we explore the theme of “Igniting Innovation” for this year’s conference. Please take the challenge posed by Wesley in this video: Record and share a short (60 second) video answering one of these questions about “igniting innovation!” Share your video on YouTube with the hashtag #k12onlineIgnite under a Creative Commons license. By sharing with a CC license you will permit and empower others to engage in “combinatorial creativity” and make combined remix videos including your ideas! Also, please make sure your video is PUBLIC on YouTube. Share the link to your video using the following Google Form:

Learn more about and participate in the K12 Online Conference on:

Contributor video clips are also available in this YouTube playlist:

Contributors to this video include:

Wesley Fryer

Rachel Fryer

Brad Wilson

Autumn Laidler

Jess McCulloch

Cheryl Oakes

Amy Burvall

Richard Byrne

Kevin Hodgson

Brian Crosby

Jennie Magiera

Jason Neiffer

Diane Woodard

Michelle Roundy

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
The supporting documents link is the Google Form for people to submit their own video link.

YouTube link is: