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2013 Building Learning

A Story + A Green Wall = 1 Amazing Transformed Digital Story….

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Presenter: Katie Ann Wilson
Location: Pratt, KS


Presentation Title: A Story + A Green Wall = 1 Amazing Transformed Digital Story….

Presentation Description: You will be learning how to transform a story into 1 amazing digital story through the effects of Green-Screen. I will walk you through how to create a Green-Screen effect story via iMovie. You will need to have a story, digital illustrations, iMovie, and a video recording device. For your digital illustrations you can use drawings and make them digital, create them on the computer, use photographs, or even a video clip. When you are all done you will have 1 AMAZING Digital story to share.

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Additional Information:
I’m a life long learner!! I teach students & staff tech skills! I am the founder of the blog Diary of a Techie Chick & the Global Digital Scrapbook.


2012 Student Voices

Authentic Voices

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Presenter: Kyle Dunbar
Location: Alexandria, VA, USA
Twitter: @edtechdunny

Presentation Description: Come learn about and listen to student voices highlighted on Authentic Voices (http://authentic-voices.wikispaces.com/) a wiki co-developed with a Language Arts teacher and a Technology Integration Specialist at an alternative setting. Authentic Voices is a place where students upload original pieces of writing along with an audio file of them reading their piece. Listen to at least three of the pieces students have composed and learn how students begin to authentically revise their work when creating an audio file of their work. Consider how students begin to see themselves differently as a result of publishing their work online. While Authentic Voices has a global audience (over 60 countries), we do not yet have another classroom that regularly comments on our students’ writing or posts their own writing on this site. Ponder efforts and challenges to finding collaborative classrooms.

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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

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Presenter: Valerie R. Burton
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Presentation Title: Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how to use a variety of tools for teachers to help engage students and for the students to produce creative work. We examine the uses of:
1. Google Docs for collaboration, Google Forms to gather information
2. Weebly.com for ePortfolios and easy websites
3. Wordle.net for avatars, presentations and prior knowledge assessment
4. Kidblog.org for student blogs
5. WordPress.com for an assignment blog
6. Edublogs.org for a class blog
7. Photopeach.com for photomovies
8. Audacity for podcasts
9. Screenr.com for how to videos
10. Twitter.com for updates
11. PBWorks.com to create on online classroom
12. Wallwisher.com to gather ideas and other online tools

iPod videomp3 audio

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Additional Information:
Blog: http://2blog2share2learn.edublogs.org/
Presentations Site: http://msbisonline.weebly.com/