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Options for Building Your Teacher Website and Why YOU Should

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Presenter: Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Location: Manhattan, Kansas, USA
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Presentation Title: Options for Building Your Teacher Website and Why YOU Should

Presentation Description: Every educator needs to build and maintain his or her own teacher Website. Technology provides teachers with more effective ways to communicate with students, their families, and the community than ever before. This session will help you learn how to use technology to communicate with different audiences through your classroom website. There are endless benefits of a maintaining a classroom Website. A classroom website gives students Resources, Relevance, Connections, Access and Experience. This session will provide links and resources to simple tools that allow any teacher, regardless of technical know-how, to create a live Website for free. The best way is for schools to install and support a tool that allows teachers to create Websites easily, but since many schools are not at that point yet, teachers should given both the encouragement and the freedom to build their own sites. You can make use of some very good tools for building free, live classroom Websites. I may leave out your favorite, so please add yours to the list, or tell us know what tool your school is using and what you like and dislike about it!

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