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2015 Announcements

Share Your Stories of Connection

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You, too, can be part of the K12Online Conference! Alan Levine is looking for your stories of connection. Your stories can be an inspiration to others to help them see why the sharing culture leads to great connections. Just follow the link.


to learn how your story can be part of Alan’s keynote presentation for the Stories of Sharing strand of the K12Online Conference 2015.

2015 2015-Beyond the Core 2015-Maker Ed 2015-Overcoming Obstacles 2015-Stories of Connection Announcements

Announcing K12 Online 2015 Presenters

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Please join the organizers of the 2015 K12 Online Conference in congratulating our selected presenters for this year’s conference! We are still waiting for a few confirmations, so there may be a few more additions. As in past years, our conference is organized into four strands. Each strand has an invited keynote speaker and additional selected speakers. Our conference begins October 12 with a pre-conference keynote presentation. Strands for 2015 are:

Week of Oct. 19-23 – Maker Ed and Stories of Connection

Week  of Oct. 26-30 – Overcoming Obstacles and Beyond the Core: Art and More

Pre-Conf Keynote

Don Wettrick and #Innovation class students
Indianapolis, IN, USA

Maker Ed

Stephanie Chang, Maker Ed
Oakland, CA, USA

Lucie deLaBruere
Colchester, VT, USA

Matt Kukoda
Brielle, New Jersey, USA

Jenny Lussier
Durham, CT, USA

Stephen O’Connor
Wells, NY, USA

Harrison McCoy
Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Steve Sherman
Cape Town, South Africa

Liza Stark
New York, NY, USA

John Umekubo
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Gabriel Yanagihara
Honolulu, HI, USA

Stories of Connection

Alan Levine
Strawberry, Arizona, USA

Paul Allison
New York, NY, USA

Pat Goodwin
Bonham, TX, USA

Maha Hassan
Cairo, Egypt

Thomas Ho
Whitestown, Indiana USA

Adam Jones
Andover, NH, USA

Julie Lindsay
Ocean Shores, Australia

William O’Byrne
Charleston, SC, USA

Lisa Parisi
Long Island, NY, USA

Ben Rimes
St. Joseph, MI, USA

Steve Sherman
Cape Town, South Africa

Chris Turnbull
Saint Paul, MN, USA

Jennifer Williams and Fran Siracusa
Clearwater, FL, USA

Overcoming Obstacles

Scott McLeod
Pocahontas, Iowa, USA

Josh Allen
Council Bluffs, IA, USA

Courtney Kofeldt
West Chester, PA, USA

Pat La Morte
Orlando, FL, USA

Angela McDurmon
Atlanta, GA, USA

Clif Mims
Memphis, TN, USA

Michael Predko
Toronto, ON, Canada

Devery Rodgers
Long Beach, CA, USA

Monte Tatom
Henderson, TN, USA

Chris Turnbull
Saint Paul, MN, USA


Curby Alexander
Denton, TX, USA
Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Manhattan, KS, USA
Wesley Fryer
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
Dean Mantz
Sterling, KS, USA
Clif Mims
Memphis, TN, USA

Beyond the Core: Art and More

Karen Bosch
Southfield, MI, USA

Doug Belshaw, Greg McVerry, Ian O’Byrne,
Springfield, MA

William Berry
Henrico County, VA, USA

Janine Campbell
Dorr, MI, USA

Jon Corippo
Coarsegold, CA, USA

Erin Olson, Leslie Pralle Keehn
Pocahontas, IA, USA

Thomas West
Downingtown, PA, USA

Samuel Wright
Daejeon South Korea

2015 2015-Beyond the Core 2015-Maker Ed 2015-Overcoming Obstacles 2015-Stories of Connection Announcements

2015 Keynotes and Marketing Flyer

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Organizers of the 2015 K12 Online Conference are pleased to announce our lineup of keynote speakers as well as the availability of our 2015 conference marketing flyer. (PDF)

K12Online 2015 flyer

Please share this post, information and flyer with other educators you know! We’re looking forward to our TENTH year of fantastic and free learning in the K12 Online Conference! We hope you’ll not only plan to join us for the conference, but also invite other educators you know to join as well.

This year’s conference will begin the week of October 12, 2015, with a keynote by Don Wettrick and #Innovation class students. During week 1 of the conference, Stephanie Chang will present a keynote in the “Maker Ed” strand, and Alan Levine will keynote the “Stories of Connection” strand. During week 2, Scott McLeod will share a keynote in the “Overcoming Obstacles” strand. Karen Bosch will keynote our “Beyond the Core: Arts and More” strand. Descriptions for each of these strands are available here.

Please spread the word about the K12 Online Conference!

Download our conference marketing flyer in PDF format. Forward this flyer and print it for display at your school in the teachers’ lounge, beside teacher mailboxes, outside your classroom, or anywhere else it can catch the attention of other educators!

Many thanks to Naomi Harm (@nharm) for creating our flyer and logos for the conference AGAIN this year!

Please tweet about the 2015 K12 Online Conference using the hashtag #k12online15 and share information about this conference on Facebook or other networks you are a part of.

We appreciate the contributions of our many presenters, volunteers, and fans in making this another great year for the K12 Online Conference!

2015 Announcements

HOW Have You Used the K12 Online Conference for Professional Learning?

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Since the K12 Online Conference began in 2006 nine years ago, there have been more than 360 presentations from around the world, all recorded and archived. Hundreds of educators have joined in, not only for their own professional learning but also to share these resources with other educators in their own schools/districts and online.

“Just in time learning” has become an essential part of learning for many teachers. Knowing this, several years ago, I began using the archived presentations from the K12 Online Conference for professional development in the Madison School District (Phoenix, AZ). The quality, and wide variety of topics, provided a rich menu for teachers to pick from, allowing them to build their own learning. It opened a new door for teachers, showing them they could use resources, such as the archives from the conference, to learn and keep up with the latest practices and tools for effective technology integration.

Have you, or anyone in your learning environment, ever used the K12 Online Conference for professional development or professional learning? Was PD credit given, and, if so, how were hours or points determined? If it was informal, please share how it took place (who participated, what did you view, how was it organized, whether participants were able to earn re-certification hours, etc.). Please share your story with us so others can benefit from what you have done. Please use this form to submit your experiences. Even if you haven’t actually implemented your idea but have a suggestion/idea to share we’d love to have you submit the form also. View the submitted responses and take on the challenge of of trying one or more of these strategies in your school/district/country.

Kim Thomas, 2015 K12 Online Conference PD Facilitator

2015 Announcements

Call for Proposals 2015

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The 2015 K12 Online Conference organizer team is pleased to announce the theme for this year’s conference: Virtually Unstoppable.

Please consider submitting your session ideas via our call for proposals. Since 2006, K12 Online has offered unique, free, entirely volunteer-powered opportunities for educators worldwide to share and learn together about innovative ways to use technology tools to enhance teaching and learning at all levels.


The theme for the 2015 conference is “Virtually Unstoppable.” The conference will begin with a pre-conference keynote on Monday, October 12th. The next two weeks, starting on October 19th, 40 presentations will be published in four different strands, with four presentations posted per day. Presentations must be a single media file of twenty minutes or less (but not too much less) in length and meet other requirements specified in the online call for proposals. Presentations are due two weeks prior to the week the relevant strand begins. All presentations will be shared under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported license. The 2015 conference strands are:

Maker Ed (convened by Karen Fasimpaur)
Are  you a “maker”? How can we use making to fuel learning? This strand will feature a variety of ways to incorporate the maker movement into education, including digital making (coding, webmaking, digital video and music), physical making (circuits, robotics, cardboard), writing as making, and more.

Stories of Connection (convened by Susan van Gelder)
Connecting with others whether face to face or virtually widens our horizons. Connecting can also be connecting with ideas. Your stories of connection, whether for your professional learning or with your students, can inspire others. This strand will feature stories of how connections with others outside your school have brought about growth for your students and yourself. It’s time for you and your students to share your stories of connection.

Overcoming Obstacles (convened by Leslie Pralle Keehn)
Tips, ideas, and resources for being solution-oriented in education today. This strand will feature stories of educators and stakeholders who have identified obstacles in classrooms, buildings, and districts, and found a way to make it work! From issues like lack of access to devices, to concerns around digital citizenship and online safety, to staying “up to date,” presentations will focus on problem solving and using best practices to overcome obstacles.

Beyond the Core: Arts and More (convened by Carol Broos)
The arts are the glue that connect the way we communicate within our world. Transliteracy is the centerpiece of this strand. This is the ability to understand and communicate—i.e., to be “literate”—across all communications platforms, including music, writing, mass media, speech, reading, sign language, and social media. In today’s world we must be able to tell stories, take pictures, create movies, and compose music, in order to put together a complete story.

Please see our “Presentation Guidelines” for more information about formats and requirements. These guidelines will be updated by June 30th with a few changes.

Please consider submitting a proposal for the 2015 K12 Online Conference by May 31, and personally invite other educators you know to submit a proposal. K12 Online offers great learning experiences every year because of our fantastic presenters. Your encouragement to others to present, as well as your own willingness to present, will make K12 Online 2015 a fantastic learning experience for many teachers around the world!

2015 Announcements

2015 Conference Dates

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k12online-logo-50    K12 Online Conference – in its tenth year!
This year’s dates:

Pre-Conference Keynote: October 12, 2015

The conference will run from October 19 – 30 with sessions posted each week day.
Watch for upcoming announcements for

 the theme
calls for proposals


Ten years – here are a few facts for you

Our pre-conference keynoters have included:
David Warlick (3 times) , Stephen Heppell, Kim Cofino, Angela Maiers, Kevin Honeycutt, Shannon McClintock Miller and Wesley Fryer

There have been presenters from the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, Venezuela, Slovenia, Columbia, Spain, Japan…

Presenters have included, teachers, administrators, educational technology leaders, students and have included people involved in education from pre-school to university.

Live Events have included informal chats in Elluminate and later in Blackboard Collaborate, the K12 Online Echo hosted on EdTechTalk, all night chats going around the world…

9 years – so far with more than 360 presentations.


While the northern part of North America slowly begins to thaw, the conference committee has been hard at work to prepare for this year’s conference.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with ways to make the conference even better. We love to have your ideas.