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2013 Open Learning

The planning and development of a free online resource – ‘A Trifling History of the Moving Image’.

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Presenter: Alan Hudson
Location: Wells, Somerset, UK

Presentation Title: The planning and development of a free online resource – “˜A Trifling History of the Moving Image’

Presentation Description: Virtual worlds can be used as exciting environments for learning and can be automated to enable students to learn when they want, alone or with their classmates. Virtual world environments can give students a more immersive and engaging experience than other online resources. New Synthetic Theatre has been running for over a year with its first two shows, “˜Ninety Nine Percent’ and “˜Jabba Jabba Jabba’, and the third show “˜The Flood’ the story of the deluge in Gilgamesh, is currently being developed.

The next show to be created “˜A Trifling History of the Moving Image’, a free show funded by Kick-starter, will be a 3D animated lecture in which the students’ avatars help tell the history of story telling and how changing technologies have changed the way we tell stories. Beginning with bards around the campfire and ending in 3D movies and New Synthetic Theatre. The sound track will be made collaboratively using voices of contributors from around the world, emailed and then edited together.

The K12 video will explain the techniques and principles behind New Synthetic Theatre and how these will be applied in “˜A Trifling History of the Moving Image’. Kickstarter funding will eliminate the need for paid tickets, making the system more inclusive and allow teachers and students from anywhere in the world to learn together and use the resource anytime they like needing only a computer and an internet connection.

This could be the first of many open-licensed, shareable online resources within New Synthetic Theatre.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Alan Hudson began in IT as a programmer and then later worked as a lecturer at various UK Universities, mostly at London Metropolitan University teaching IT multimedia and E-Learning, He also makes stained glass windows and lamps and is a freelance developer working mostly in Second Life. He has worked on a number of large Second Life projects including “˜The 3D Warehouse’ and New Synthetic Theatre.

See alanhudson.org

2013 Open Learning

Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

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Presenter: Bill Fitzgerald
Location: Portland, OR, US

Presentation Title: Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

Presentation Description: This presentation takes an initial idea – how to make butter in 15 minutes – and traces how to bring this initial concept into a set of openly licensed resources that can be used in a World Cultures class. The session is focused on process, so the techniques described can be used across grade levels.

The session covers planning, with an introduction to licensing and publishing.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
We have covered the process of authoring open content and licensing works in additional detail in these blog posts.

2013 Open Learning

School of Open Courses for Educators

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Presenter: Jane Park
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Presentation Title: School of Open Courses for Educators

Presentation Description: A presentation on the School of Open, a global community of volunteers providing free education opportunities on the meaning, application, and impact of open resources and tools in the digital age. Jane Park talks about the project’s origins, its relevance for K-12 educators, and gives an overview of the free online courses, workshops and training programs that volunteers have built.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:

2013 Open Learning

Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

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Presenter: Tanya Avrith, Holly Clark
Location: Montreal, Canada and San Diego, California
@edtechschools, @HollyEdTechDiva

Presentation Title: Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

Presentation Description: Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark co-hosts of the eduslam.me vodcast show discuss how they are using their networks to crowdsource for best practices and professional development using some of the most innovative educators in the world. In this segment, they interview Jennie Magiera from Chicago, Illinois and David Theriault from Huntington Beach, California to demonstrate how they are harnessing the power of their social networks to crowdsource their personal learning, as well as the learning of their students.

Tanya and Holly share their story and how they came up with the concept of eduslam.me and demonstrate examples of how powerful the concept of open learning can be.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Tanya Avrith’s Blog is found at tanyaavrith.com, Holly Clark can be found at hollyclark.net.

Please follow us on twitter: @edtechschools, @hollyedtechdiva and @eduslam. You can also follow David Theriault @davidtEDU and Jennie Magiera @msmagiera

Read more about eduslam on our interview with Jennie Magiera :

2013 Open Learning

K12 Open Learning – What is it all About? My Story

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Presenter: Verena Roberts
Location: Calgary, Canada

Presentation Title: K12 Open Learning – What is it all About? My Story

Presentation Description: I have been an Open Learner for just over a year. The platform for open learning is sharing. Once you take that first step, the rewards you receive are endless. This is my story about why I became an open learner and some of the projects I have been involved with. As a Soccer Mom who is searching for something better for her own kids, I am still astounded at the power and influence of open learning. This video is an honest and authentic attempt to describe the impact open learning has had in my life as an educator and learner.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:

2013 Open Learning

Open learning keynote – Learning and Technology: Openness, Agency, and Control

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Presenters: Steve Hargadon and Audrey Watters
Location: Lincoln, California and Washington, DC
@stevehargadon and @audreywatters

Presentation Title: Learning and Technology: Openness, Agency, and Control

Presentation Description: Steve Hargadon and Audrey Watters discuss the politics and practices of open learning and technology — both contemporary and historical examples of how technology and schooling promote learner agency and compliance.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


2013 Announcements Building Learning Leading Learning Open Learning Outside Learning

Announcing K-12 Online 2013 Presenters

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Please join the organizers of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference in congratulating our selected presenters for this year’s conference! As in past years, our conference is organized into four strands. Each strand has an invited keynote speaker and (at least) nine additional selected speakers. Our conference begins October 14th with a pre-conference keynote presentation. Strands for 2013 are:

Week of Oct 21 – 25: Open Learning and Outside Learning
Week of Oct 28 – Nov. 1: Leading Learning and Building Learning


Shannon Miller
Van Meter, Iowa, USA


Steve Hargadon and Audrey Watters
Lincoln, California and Hermosa Beach, California, USA

Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark
EduSlam! Ideas for Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development
Montreal, Quebec, Canada and San Diego, California, USA

Bill Fitzgerald
Writing and Sharing Open Content
Portland, Oregon, USA

Vanessa Gennarelli
Radically Learner-Centered: Badges at P2PU
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Naomi Harm
Any Device Will Do! Best Practices of BYOD Implementation
Brownsville, MN USA

Alan Hudson
The planning and development of a free online resource – “˜A Trifling History of the Moving Image’
Wells, Somerset, UK

Brendan Murphy
The Open Online Experience: Creating Your Own Professional Development
Richmond, Illinois, USA

Jane Park
School of Open Courses for Educators
Los Angeles, California, USA

Verena Roberts
Adventures in Open Learning
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

David Wells
Writing – its all about Collaboration and Sharing!
Montpelier, Vermont, USA


Kathy Cassidy
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

Terra Bodkins and Bess Altman
Blogging for Little People
North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Harry Brake
Project-based Blogging Through the Educational Terrain
Mexico City, Mexico

Janine Campbell
Going Outside the Lines: Redefining Learning Spaces with Field Trips, Skype Chats, and Online Tools
Dorr, Michigan, USA

JoAnn Delaney
Science Is All Around Our Town: QR Scavenger Hunt using Google Earth
Hershey, PA USA

Erin Fitzpatrick
Place-Based Education – Partnering with the Grand Traverse Conservation District
Traverse City, Michigan USA

Tricia Fuglestad
Making and Sharing Fugleflicks (student-created, art-related movies)
Hoffman Estates, IL USA

Tressa Graveley
Extreme Communication
Helmville, Montana, USA

Leslie Pralle Keehn
5 Themes of Geography: Local to Global
Blairsburg, Iowa, USA

Todd Nesloney
Connecting Kids Globally
Brenham, Texas, USA

Luis Perez
Photography for All
St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Jaime Wood
Expanding Learning Possibilities through Crowdfunding Education Projects
Portland, Oregon, USA


Larry Ferlazzo
Keynote: Developing Leadership in Classrooms, Schools and Communities
Sacramento, California, USA

Michael Boll
Bringing Digital Badges to your Organization
Shanghai, China

Jeffrey Bradbury
Paperless Classroom Websites for Student Engagement
New Jersey, USA

Candice Clark
Digital Portfolios
Hurricane, West Virginia, USA

Kelly Dumont
Creativity and the Common Core (or other standards)
Riverton, Utah, USA

V. Paige Hale
Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning
Salvisa, Kentucky, USA

Betsy Hanger
Mindfulness and Neuroscience: How a Contemplative Curriculum Improves Focus, Connectedness, and Self-Regulation
Los Angeles, California, USA

Laura McBain
Deeper Learning Online
San Diego, California, USA

Julia Osteen
The Promise of Leadership
Lewisburg, Tennessee, USA

Jenny Rankin
If You Want Data to Transform Learning, Present It as “Over-the-Counter”
Laguna Beach, California, USA

Brad Waid
Game Changing Apps!
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA


Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager
Los Angeles, California, USA

Chris Betcher
Coding for Kids
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Carol Broos
T3: Triple Threat in Tech Using Transliteracy
Gurnee, Illinois, USA

Cyndi Danner-Kuhn
Ideas for Sharing Artifacts Created in the Classroom
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

John Graves
Auckland, New Zealand

Claire Kreuger
Constructing Identity with an iPad Treaty Education Through Digital Storytelling
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

David Lockhart
20 Creation Apps in 20 Minutes
Marietta, Georgia, USA

Ann Oro
Building Knowledge of Web Search
Roselle Park, New Jersey, USA

Vinnie Vrotny and Sheryl Peterson
STEAM (Science-Tinkering-Aesthetics-Engineering-Math): Creating a Maker Culture
Palatine, Illinois, USA

Dan Whisler
Energy 101- Making Connections By Combining STEM and PBL in the Classroom
Hutchinson, Kansas, USA

Katie Ann Wilson
A Story + A Green Wall = 1 Amazing Transformed Digital Story
Pratt, Kansas, USA

Remember to download and share our 2013 conference flyer with other educators you know, and mark your calendar for the start of the K-12 Online Conference October 14th!