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2012 Announcements

Announcing K12Online12 Keynoters, Conference Flyer & HashTag #k12online12

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The organizer team for the 2012 K-12 Online Conference is pleased to announce our lineup of keynote speakers for this year, as well as a downloadable/printable conference flyer we invite you to share with other educators you know. In addition, we invite the K-12 Online Conference community to tweet about this year’s conference using the hashtag #k12online12. As we have in the past six years since K12Online started in 2006, our conference will continue to be primarily asynchronous, offering downloadable videos for participants to view at any time. We will also host several live events during this year’s conference weeks at the end of October. All conference dates are listed on our 2012 Schedule.

This year’s conference will kick off on October 15th with a keynote from Kevin Honeycutt. Kevin is currently serving his ninth year as a Technology Integration Specialist at Education Services & Staff Development Association of Central Kansas (ESSDACK). Kevin spent 13 years teaching art K-12 in public school and for 17 years spent summers leading creative adventure camps for kids of all ages. He is currently serving his second term for his local school board in Inman, Kansas. For the past four years he has hosted a creative learning site called ArtSnacks where he shares 150+ ten minute drawing videos that support standards curriculum. Kevin is an extremely creative, dynamic, and passionate educator and will inspire us with his pre-conference keynote as we explore new ways to learn, share, and remix in this year’s conference. Follow him on Twitter @kevinhoneycutt.

Gail Desler and Natalie Bernasconi will keynote our “Getting Started” strand, one of two strands to be shared the first full week of our conference October 22 – 25. For the past year, Gail and Natalie have been collaborating on and curating the Digital ID project, a wiki that provides students, teachers, and administrators with a toolkit of reliable information, resources, and guidelines to help us all learn how to be upstanding 21st century (digital) citizens – with students stepping up to “be the change.”  Gail is a technology integration specialist in the Elk Grove District in Elk Grove, California. Natalie is a middle school ELA/ELL teacher for the Salinas Union High School District and a UC Santa Cruz professor. Both are Teacher Consultants for the National Writing Project [Area 3 Writing Project (Gail); Central CA Writing Project (Natalie)]. They also participated in the 2011 MERIT program, where the seed for the Digital ID project was planted. Follow Gail and on Twitter @GailDesler and Natalie on Google + 

Karen Fasimpaur will keynote our second strand for week one of our 2012 conference, “Visioning New Curriculum.” This is a new and exciting strand for K-12 Online this year.  Karen has worked in education, including software and textbook publishing, for over 15 years, and also taught overseas in Africa. She is the creator of the Kids Open Dictionary Builder. The confluence of her experiences in educational  publishing and software development with the current state of technology, with massive collaboration and with circumstances in her own life have led Karen to become an outspoken advocate for open educational resources (OER) as the founder of K12OpenEd and the P2PU School of Ed. Read more about Karen’s ideas on her blog on K12OpenEd. Follow Karen on Twitter @kfasimpaur.

Mathew Needleman will keynote the “Kicking It Up a Notch” strand of our 2012 conference in week two, which will run Oct 29 – Nov 2.  Mathew has been integrating video production in the classroom for over a decade, focusing his work on low-income students and English Learners in the elementary grades.  He has been a teacher, literacy coach, reading intervention coordinator, and currently serves as an Instructional Technology Specialist for LAUSD.  He has presented for K12online twice in the past, sharing “Film School For Video Podcasters” in 2008 and “Steal This Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom” in 2009. Learn more about Mathew’s ideas on his blog, Creating Lifelong Learners. Follow Mathew on Twitter @mrneedleman.

Tiana Kadkhoda, aka “Paul,” will keynote our “Student Voices” strand during week 2 of our 2012 conference. Tiana had Eric Marcos as her middle school math teacher in Santa Monica, California, and developed skills in screencasting and publishing web videos alongside math skills as “Paul” on MathTrain.tv. Tiana and Eric have shared keynote addresses recently for educators at the Mobile Learning Experience 2012 Conference in Phoenix as well as the Building Learning Communities Conference in Boston. If you think Sal Khan of Khan Academy is the primary model for digital learning in K12 schools, you’re in for a surprise. Tiana will share stories and experiences about how student-created videos and media can transform learning and equip students with digital literacy skills alongside traditional curriculum skills. Follow Tiana’s former middle school math teacher, Eric Marcos, on Twf

Please download and share our 2012 K-12 Online Conference Flyer via Scribd!

Also, please consider presenting for K-12 Online this year. We still need several more presenters in some of our strands, so we are keeping the proposal application form open through August 31st. We’ll announce presenters in our strands on September 15th.

k 12 Online Conference 2012 Final Master

2012 Announcements

K12 Online Conference 2012 Call for Proposals: Learn, Share, Remix

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The 2012 K-12 Online Conference is coming to a computer near you soon! This year’s FREE online conference will take place the weeks of Oct 22 – 25 and Oct 29 – Nov. 2, with a pre-conference keynote on October 15th. The 2012 theme is, “Learn, Share, Remix.” Educators and students worldwide are invited to respond to our 2012 call for proposals. Presenters create twenty minute, engaging video presentations shared during our two week conference. Please check out some of last year’s presentations. The organizer team for this year’s conference selected “Learn, Share, Remix” for our theme because it embodies many of the ACTIONS we can model as 21st century teachers and students. We all want to model lifelong learning. Our digital connections afford us amazing opportunities to SHARE what we are learning along the way. REMIXING is the process taking knowledge and using it in creative and innovative ways. Remixers build on the work of others. REMIXING can also include transforming the ways we teach and learn. In each strand of our conference this year, we hope presenters will explore and model ways we can learn, share and remix our professional development.

'Don't Squeeze the Mixter!!' photo (c) 2008, Robert Nunnally - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/

Deadline for proposal submissions is June 15th at midnight PDT. Selections will be announced July 15th. Ten presentations will be featured in each of our four strands for 2012, for a total of forty presentations.


Getting Started: Do you consider yourself a newcomer to the world of digital learning? This strand is for you. Presenters will focus on “the why and how” of using digital learning tools to connect with other learners, create new and exciting knowledge products, and engage students in an expanded learning process beyond the traditional “boundaries of the bell.” Practical classroom implementation ideas for beginners will be emphasized. Susan van Gelder is the convener.

Kicking it up a Notch: This strand amplifies ways new technologies can be used to transform classroom and personal learning. Rather than merely replicating traditional, analog-based learning tasks, how can digital technologies permit teacher-leaders to add greater interactivity, personal differentiation, and multi-modal exploration of curriculum topics? Presentations will explore innovative ways Web 2.0 tools can be blended together to help students create, collaborate, and share the knowledge safely on the global stage of the Internet. Jose Rodriguez is the convener.

Student Voices: This strand seeks to amplify voices of exemplary student leaders who use digital tools in their school communities as well as the larger world. Students can focus on specific project using technology to learn, outstanding classroom projects which have had a particularly positive impact on their and classmates’ learning, and/or recommendations for educators seeking to effectively use digital tools. A focus on project-based learning and service learning is welcome, but not required. Student presenters must be sponsored by an educator; permission forms will need to be signed by a parent for each presenting student. Ginger Lewman is the convener.

Visioning New Curriculum: As the age of paper-based textbooks adopted on multi-year cycles fades away, a new age beckons with a curriculum filled with multimedia resources and interactive simulations. This strand explores curriculum possibilities for accessing as well as sharing and remixing digital content. This will include OER (open educational resources) as well as commercial curriculum sources. What does the best “digital curriculum” today look like and what should it look like tomorrow? Should curriculum still be folded into “textbooks?” When should and how can teachers “flip” classroom learning? What’s your vision for innovative curriculum? Wesley Fryer is the convener.

We would love presenters to involve students and include student voices when appropriate in presentations. (Student participation is NOT required or expected, but is welcomed.)

The 2012 Conference: What’s the same?

  1. Price: Free!
  2. Basic format: Each weekday of the two weeks of the conference, four presentations (two per strand for that week) will “go live” / be published on our conference blog.
  3. Pre-Conference Keynote: Still the week prior to the “˜regular’ conference. this year it’s on October 15th.
  4. Presenters will share their presentation via a Ge.tt account. Strand conveners will handle the rest.
  5. Presenters are invited to include student voices and perspectives in their presentations in all strands.

The 2012 Conference: What’s different?

  1. We are re-igniting a separate “student voices” strand this year.
  2. Each year we try a different or experimental strand. This year it is “Visioning New Curriculum.”
  3. We are calling on our community to get more involved as volunteers in this year’s conference.

How Can You Help?

  1. Spread the word! Share #K12Online12 via your social networking connections, blogs, email, and face-to-face with colleagues!
  2. Submit a proposal to present! We love first-time presenters. It’s a 20 minute recorded presentation. Screencasting tools are better than ever today. You can do this. Hundreds of educators worldwide want to hear your ideas and your voice!
  3. Encourage others to present! Each year many of our submitted proposals come after someone sends a personal invitation. If you know a teacher who should present, ask them to submit a proposal!
  4. Volunteer! Our 2012 Call for Volunteers form is also available.

Volunteers are needed for the following committees:

  1. Public Relations Committee
  2. Professional Development Committee
  3. Conference Preservation Committee
  4. Live Events Committee

Your participation and voice is essential for the continued success of the K-12 Online Conference! Please get involved and spread the word about this year’s conference. We’re looking forward to YOUR participation as we learn, share and remix together!