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2011 2011-Level Up

LEVEL UP KEYNOTEGet RIPped: Rigor, Innovation, and Passion

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Presenter: Carol Broos
Location: Northfield, IL

Presentation Title: Get RIPped: Rigor, Innovation, and Passion

Presentation Description: I’m Carol Broos, a recently retired 4-8 grade music teacher. I taught 33 years of general music in the northern suburbs of Illinois. I wanted my students, no matter how bad it was in school, to open the door to the music room and walk into a garden of possibilities. In 2004, a MIDI lab was installed with headsets, so students were able to personalize their experiences as well as share with each other. I was no longer the director on the podium, but the students moved at a quicker pace and learned to create and compose music at a faster rate. They loved to share their compositions and a new culture was born with this individualized instruction. I could enable EVERY student to be engaged and demand more from each student. My gifted and talented students were ALLOWED to move at the pace they wanted and incredible projects were produced and created. Rigor was now an important aspect of the class, which gave birth to innovation. So, let’s get Ripped – Rigor, Innovation, and Passion. You will hear from students how rigor, innovation, and passion are the backbone of creating and learning.


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The entire 21st century music curriculum is found on http://beatechie.pbworks.com Carol Broos also has a blog www.beatechie.com and is one of the top music education blogs.