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2009 2009-Keynote

Going Global: Culture Shock, Convergence and the Future of Education

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Presenter: Kim Cofino
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Twitter: @mscofino

Presentation Title: Going Global: Culture Shock, Convergence and the Future of Education

Presentation Description: Looking at daily life in foreign lands reveals a colorful spectrum of inspiring metaphors for the shifts we need to make in education. Often what we may find initially chaotic, disorienting and strange in other countries can actually spark new ways of thinking about teaching and learning. Through the voices of teachers and students from around the world, we’ll examine the unique aptitudes which allow successful expats to thrive in any environment. These are exactly the skills that future students and teachers will need to confidently enter the digital, global, converging, collaborative world of tomorrow – wherever they might be physically located.


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Twitter: mscofino

Questions for discussion:

What global experiences have you had in real life or online that influenced your thinking about education?

Are you, or do you know any, Third Culture Kids? Do you think they share any common characteristics that make them different from people who grew up in a single culture?

How are you connecting yourself, and your students, globally? What changes have occurred (for example: in mindset, attitude or outlook) as a result of those connections?

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