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2007-Teasers Announcements

Starting today: Presentation TEASERS!

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As in 2006, each week twenty different presentations will be posted here once the conference begins in mid-October. With so many choices, it may be helpful to get a better idea of the issues, tools, and concepts presenters plan to address in their sessions. Our presenters this year have been invited to create short, online videos (published to a website like YouTube or TeacherTube) which will give attendees a better idea of what their presentation will address. These “teaser” videos will hopefully generate and pique interest in presentations prior to the actual start of the conference.

Not all actual conference presentations will be shared as online videos. Presenters have freedom to choose their asynchronous publishing format. Conference presentations will be hosted (as in 2006) by the College of William and Mary.

Please take a few moments to let these presenters know how much you appreciate their creativity and are looking forward to their presentations!