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Science Is All Around Our Town

Presenter: JoAnn Delaney Location: Hershey, PA USA @JdelaneyJoAnn Presentation Description: Join me and my students on this Appsmashing adventure, Science Is All Around Our Town! Students took a picture using their device of anything that was science related in their yard, neighborhood or town. Using the location, a QR gps code was generated. Students researched […]

Video Story Problems

Presenter: Ben Rimes Location: St. Joseph, MI, USA Twitter: @techsavvyed Presentation Description: Traditional story problems are dull. They’re usually disconnected from real world scenarios and learner’s experiences, and are presented in an artificial manner. Through the use of video, students and teachers can capture genuine moments of curiosity and real world examples for use in the […]

Beyond eLearning: Online Teaching Platforms

Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Friedberg Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Twitter: @spongelab Presentation Description: What can platform technology do for eLearning? Platforms are what multimedia creators use to distribute their content to a user-base. In a learning context, platforms are also used to track and analyse the behaviour of users, in order to understand precisely how content […]

Technology as an Ally in the IB Science class

Presenter: Antonio Amaral Cunha & Silvana Meneghini Location: São Paulo, Brazil @smenegh Presentation Title: Technology as an Ally in the IB Science class Presentation Description: The “Flipped Classroom” strategy involves using some type of technology to provide instruction to students before coming to class and using class time for more higher level thinking and interaction. […]

Technology and Drama – Teaching with Glove Puppets

Presenter: Roland Gesthuizen Location: Melbourne, Australia Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page Presentation Title: Technology and Drama – teaching with glove puppets Presentation Description: A junior science class is used here to demonstrate a lesson about multicelular organisms using glove puppets with a constructivist approach to problem solving and blended learning model. It has […]

Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners

Presenter: Britt Gow Location: Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page Presentation Title: Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how web2.0 tools can be used in the science class to enhance learning, celebrate achievements and encourage collaboration. It includes video of student interviews, examples of student work […]