K12 Online 2010 – Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote: interSections

Presenter: Darren Kuropatwa
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Twitter: @dkuropatwa

Presentation Title: K12 Online 2010 – Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote: interSections

Presentation Description: What does it mean to “take your teaching to the next level”? Is it about using the latest and greatest tools or is there something more to it?

It may be about finding the sweet spot in the interSections of a number of things.


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12 Responses to “K12 Online 2010 – Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote: interSections”

  1. It seems that the audio and video tracks are misaligned in the DotSub version of the presentation. The direct link to the blip.tv version works perfectly.

  2. There is a new version of this presentation. Version 1.1. It’s only the last 60 second that are a little different but there’s a credit at the end that was REALLY important to me to have included and I was very sad to have omitted it in the original; that’s what I get for finishing it at the last second. ;-)

    If you decide to share this presentation please share this version:


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  5. Cheryl Oakes says:

    Great to hear your voice and listen to your thoughtful reflections!

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  7. Eileen D. says:

    This is a very informative presentation. Darren gets into many facets of life and teaching.The quote he uses is a good one “We shape our tools then our tools shape us.” This I believe is a basis for teaching using books or technology. He goes on to say we need to look through many sources in order to get the full information it is that we seek in order to teach/share this knowledge. The third issue he talks about is when students and teachers can work together and support each other the people as a whole are stronger. This is true for the lesson learned.
    Another thing he addressed was through blogging students can be recognized by their peers in a positive way…Get positive feedback.Through twitter Darren got feedback on how to make his lesson stronger/better. Using technology can enhance the content being taught or learned and in turn students as well as teachers can be better for it.

  8. Thanks for the feedback Eileen. I’m glad it resonated with you.

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  10. Great Presentation. Is there any way I can download the presentation for viewing offline. Our Internet connectivity is tentative.

    Thanks and you are very inspirational. I am in Hamilton, Montana. Teacher for 30 years.

  11. Thanks Sharon. ;-)

    You can download the video by right clicking (control click on a mac) on this link.

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