Overcoming Obstacles
“Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo
Skokie, Illinois, USA
Blog: http://teach42.com/

Presentation Title
“Mobile Learning Redefined”

Steve Dembo served as both a Kindergarten teacher and Director of Technology before joining Discovery Education. As the Online Community Manager for the Discovery Educator Network, he oversees the DEN virtual community including a network of over 20 educational blogs. The Teach42 podcast was one of the first educational podcasts and has served as the inspiration for many other educators to create their own shows. He is passionate about education and works with teachers around the globe in their efforts to explore and integrate new technologies. Steve’s blog and podcast can be found at Teach42.com.

Students are bringing their cell phone, iPod, Palm handheld, and PSP to school and we respond by forbidding their use or treat confiscation. However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools. In this session you will learn about how video can be brought to handhelds and phones, how to create websites designed for portable devices, and how the mobile internet is making information more accessible than ever. You will explore what students are using and how these tools can be harnessed to support good teaching. You may even learn how to convince your principal you need a handheld!


Supporting Links
Kaiser Foundation Report- Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18 Year Olds

The Internet and Education report by Pew Internet & American Life Project

Education tool a phone call away – Technology – theage.com.au

eSchool News online – Youths use cell phones as mini-PCs

New Study Recasts Cell Phones as Effective Teaching Tool

Every One Learns – Pedagogy, Technology, Motivation: Do Something Disruptive

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16 Responses to “Overcoming Obstacles
“Mobile Learning Redefined””

  1. Eric says:

    The video freezes at the 9:31 mark (showing “What can you do with the technology your students already have”. I re-downloaded the .wmv and the same thing happens each time I play it. I would love to see the end of this presentation, so please repost the video.

  2. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach says:

    Thanks Eric,

    I just replayed the originial clip and you are so right! We will get that fixed right away.

    We will repost today.

    Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach
    k12 Online Convener

  3. Kris Olson says:

    Hi Steve

    I loved your presentation. Thanks so much!

  4. Steve Dembo says:

    Glad you enjoyed it! It was certainly fun to make, and who knew that those devices we all carry around with us already could really have so much educational value?

  5. Tony Vincent says:

    Steve, this was wonderful! Your presentation was full of stuff that was new to me and you provided great visuals so that I could see exactly what you were talking about. Bravo!

  6. […] Steve Dembo, author of tech42.com has posted up a super video presentation entitled “Mobile Learning Redefined“. His “redefinition” centres around using the technology already in the pockets of students, rather than the introduction of “new” technologies. He covers a number of approaches already covered in this blog (such as 2D Barcodes, mobile web site tools, and moblogging), but also brings up a few new ideas worth exploring, such as: […]

  7. […] I finally am getting caught up with my RSS feeds and ran across Steve Dembo’s presentation for the k12online conference entitled “Mobile Learning Redefined”. The presentation is a great list of resources for mobile learning, as summarized in Tony Vincent’s and Leonard Low’s blog posts on the presentation. No need to relist what Tony and Leonard already wrote about, but suffice it to say that Steve focused on various Internet-based resources and tools that can be accessed via cell phone or wireless gaming devices such as the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS (as an aside, Geoff writes in his moblearn blog that there is a need for “more PSP learning please!” […]

  8. […] Following on from Steve Dembo’s presentation on redefining mobile learning (previously blogged here, and also blogged by Tony Vincent), some excellent and insightful commentary has been posted, over at the Mark van ‘t Hooft’s Ubiquitous Thoughts blog.  It looks at some of the obstacles any “redefined” model of mobile learning must still overcome (access, compatibility, privacy/security), and also succinctly summarises some of the writings of Mike Sharples, one of the best-known researchers in the mobile learning space. It includes this summary of Mike’s reflections on the MOBIlearn project: […]

  9. Cheryl Oakes says:

    I am wondering if some of our students will think an intrusion to begin using their cell phones for class. Our students think that myspace is private, and that it is only for their peers and are somewhat insulted that adults actually know how to use myspace.
    I wonder how we can bridge this and make these tools that Steve mentions operational and available to the instruction we have going on in our schools. Actually, if we can make these devices instructionally available for collaboration that will be the critical tipping point.I think that collaboration is where our technology should be pointing.

  10. I don’t think kids will find using their cell phones in an educational context intrusive … I think they’ll like it!. ;-)

    Kids today expect all their stuff (services) to be integrated into one easy to use package. Modern cell phones are exactly that sort of package. I think the kids that used their cell phones to do the flickr assignment I gave them liked that they could use their cell phones for the assignment instead of a digital camera. It made it easier in that they could do the assignment “on the go” so to speak. Actually, the assignment was designed with the idea that they would use their cell phones to do it. ;-)


  11. […] Last year I presented a session on mobile learning. While it went alright and got some positive feedback, I’m thinking that I could have done so much more. The most impressive presentation of the conference to me was Alan Levine’s session on new web tools. He did an incredible job of using those tools to teach people what’s significant about them. It really made me reconsider just how valuable a standard video really is, when there are so many other tools available. While the format I used was iPod compatible, it wasn’t the most effective for conveying the information I was sharing. […]

  12. However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools. In this session you will learn about how video can be brought to handhelds and phones.

  13. […] Today I surprised my wife and got her a Nintendo DS web browser to thank her for her support this summer while dealing with my accident. Earlier in the week I had watched a session for the K12 Online Conference from Steve Dembo called Mobile Learning. Steve mentioned that in Japan was using Nintendo DS’s as a wifi web browser and he stated that is was coming to the states in 2007. After the session was over I did a Google search and found out that it was available. I went down to BestBuy and purchased a card about the size of normal GameBoy Advance cartridge. In a short amount of time my wife (not me) got the machine up and running. She let me borrow it for a couple of minutes to put it through the paces. Here are some pictures for your review… […]

  14. […] Not every school district is fortunate enough to have the funding sources to have a 1:1 environment that includes desktops or laptops but that doesn’t mean districts can’t fund 1:1 for its’ students.  To me 1:1 is about individual access to digital information.  In Steve Dembo’s presentation at the K12 Online Conference he talks about different ways to achieve mobile learning in the classroom.  To me districts need to think about what technologies to the children already have access to to utilize 1:1 access to digital information.  Steve highlights cell phones, portable gaming devices, and pdas in his presentation. […]

  15. Ben parker says:

    However, these are the tools of the new generation and educators must change and consider how to utilize and embrace these new online learning tools.

  16. […] had the opportunity to view Overcoming Obstacles: “Glow: Lighting Up Learning in Scotland, author: Lani Ritter-Hall. In observing the main […]

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