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2011 2011-Story Time

The Black Line Mystery – a story about the most complicated chinese character known to mankind and its community

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Presenter: Jess McCulloch
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Presentation Title: The Black Line Mystery “” a story about the most complicated Chinese character known to mankind and its community.

Presentation Description: Agent 42, Charles the Basset Hound and The Council of Chiefs have recruited many secret agents to help them save the community from The Doom Of Not Knowing how to read Chinese characters, to save them from seeing just random black lines! But they aren’t without enemies. Agent X tries to stop them, saying that Chinese characters are too confusing for the community – why would anyone need to know about them?! Come along to be swept up in the Black Line Mystery, find out what the most complicated Chinese character of all time looks like, what it means and how it is being used to unlock the mystery of all Chinese characters.

Also hear the story of the agents, both virtual and face to face, and how they have started to build a community of their own around this character – a community for the power of good, for the power of knowledge, all with the power of a story.

Just imagine you received a real paper letter in the mail. There was no return address, just a red chop mark on the back. You carefully open the envelope and take out a single white page. On the page you see this:

the character

You’ve got no idea what it is let alone what it might mean or why it has been sent to you. On closer inspection you notice that at the bottom of the page is this:

Password: hanzi

What would you do?

Go on then, do it.

Additional Information:
Blog: www.technolote.com
The Black Line Mystery: sites.google.com/site/blacklinemystery