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2013 Outside Learning

Expanding Learning Possibilities through Crowdfunding Education Projects

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Presenters: Peter Lindberg and Jaime Wood
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA


Presentation Description: In a 15-20 minute video, we demonstrate how educators are using crowdfunding to expand their ability to innovate, connect to community, and test new pedagogical ideas. We share examples of several educators who have used IncitED (a crowdfunding platform for education) to do research, start new schools, buy classroom supplies, and more. Our thesis is that crowdfunding is a grassroots, democratic way to encourage community involvement in education, whether that mean simply improving classrooms or reforming entire systems. We’ll also discuss the best practices for using crowdfunding for education and some tips for starting a campaign.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
IncitED Tumblr blog: http://incitedcrowdfundingeducation.tumblr.com/

Email info@incited.org for more information about crowdfunding for education.