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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Playing with the 4C’s in an Elementary Classroom

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Presenter: Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Location: Metairie, LA, U.S.A. Meriden, KS, U.S.A.
@plnaugle and @janwells

Presentation Title: Playing with the 4C’s in an Elementary Classroom

Presentation Description: Paula and Jan are going to outline the steps they took to become innovative teachers. They will explain how their classes use the 4C’s (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) to complete various projects. By sharing what they did, they are trying to encourage other teachers (you) to do the same. They want other teachers to realize that reaching out is the first step. They will give you ways to find other classes to connect with and how to find some projects to get started.

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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

The Power of Projects

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Presenter: Jennifer Wagner
Location: Murrieta, CA USA


Presentation Title: The Power of Projects

Presentation Description: There is POWER in online projects.
Come join the conversation as several projects are shared that demonstrate the “POWER” available in online projects.
Plus, the conversation will continue on at the resource page where you can share memories of past projects and share out project ideas!!
This session is geared more towards the elementary/primary classroom but there will be examples of secondary projects as well.

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