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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education? Getting all A’s in School

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Presenter: Thomas Ho
Location: Whitestown, Indiana USA

Presentation Title: What Can Social Media Aggregation Contribute to Advocating for Education?

Presentation Description: We in education just don’t often do a very good job of telling others what a great job we’re doing, do we? We can harness social media to get that job done so learn WHY we should do it and HOW we can do it!

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2012 Getting Started

Digital ID Project A Platform for Learning, Sharing, Remixing and Teaching Digital Citizenship

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Presenter: Gail Desler & Natalie Bernasconi
Location: Placerville, California USA (Gail) & Salinas, California USA (Natalie)
@gaildesler & @nbernasconi

Presentation Description: We’d like to invite you – whether you are a classroom teacher, a parent, an administrator, or a policy maker – into this international conversation on why digital citizenship is an essential part of a 21st century skill set. And if you are a newcomer to digital learning, we’d like to provide a window into how other teachers are integrating digital citizenship issues into lessons they are already teaching. By the end of our session, you will come away with a ready-for-Monday road map to create or ramp up digital citizenship education at your individual sites.


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2011 2011-Team Captains

Lead the World

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Presenters: Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay with Curt Bonk, Anne Mirtschin, Judy O’Connell, Dean Shareski, Don Tapscott, David Warlick, Flat Classroom conference students – Doha Qatar, Suffern Middle School (Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom), Mt. Carmel High School (Suzie Nestico), Phoenix School (Betsye Sargent), West Tisbury (Valerie Becker), and Flat Classroom Students
Location: Camilla, GA and worldwide
@coolcatteacher, @julielindsay and @flatclassroom

Presentation Title: Lead the World

Presentation Description: Students are the greatest textbook ever written for each other, yet, many schools close the book on learning outside classroom walls. After five years of global collaborative classroom excellence, this presentation first uses voices from the keynoters, students, and teachers around the world that have been part of the Flat Classroom projects and conferences to share how education has fundamentally changed through a beautiful medley of voices. Then, hear from Vicki Davis, co-founder, about the 7 principles that can take your classroom global and the current challenges and misconceptions surrounding what it means to globalize your classroom. We hope you’ll join this journey of learning and thank all of our keynoters, students, and teachers, for sharing their voice in this move towards excellence in global education.

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Additional Information:
Vicki Davis and Julie Linsday co-founded the Flat Classroom Project in November 2006. In the five years since, more than 5,000 students from age 4 and up have joined with other classrooms around the world to collaborate in projects like The Flat Classroom Project, the Digiteen Project, ‘A week in the Life’ Elementary Flat Classroom Project, and the Eracism Project and the founding of a non-profit to run their conference and face to face events.

Their work and public sharing of pedagogy on their blogs has led to their recent book, Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds from Pearson Publishing coming in January 2012.

You can follow Vicki at @coolcatteacher and Julie at @julielindsay and the projects at @flatclassroom.

2009 2009-Leading the Change

Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

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Presenter: Vicki Davis and Westwood Schools Students
Location: Camilla, Georgia, USA
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Presentation Title: Digiteens: Digital Citizenship by Digital Teenagers

Presentation Description: Much of digital citizenship education focuses on adults compiling information to share with students, this method provides a framework for students to conduct authentic research with global partners on the aspects of digital citizenship and creation of action projects at their schools. This presentation’s goal is to: 1) demonstrate the efficacy of a project based approach to digital citizenship education, 2) provide insight into teen-mentoring of younger students, 3) effective coaching practices for teachers and educators wishing to encourage a project based learning approach to digital citizenship, 4) an overview of the aspects of digital citizenship salient to teenagers around the world and what they think the message of educators should be to their students, and 5) a concrete experience allowing students who have thoroughly researched this topic to share their thoughts with a global audience and engage in global discussion on this.

This is a compilation of student views, research, and beliefs as it relates to digital topics and how these should be taught in schools.

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Digiteen Project: a Flat Classroom project.

The information in this presentation refers to the following Digiteen Projects:
Digiteen 2007
Digiteen 2008
Digiteen 09-2
Digiteen 09-3

Vicki Davis,
Cool Cat Teacher Blog @coolcatteacher

Digiteen Action Projects
http://supersocialsafety.blogspot.com @socialsafety