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2011 2011-Story Time

What If the Story Changed?

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Presenter: David Jakes
Location: Naperville, Illinois, USA

Presentation Title: What If the Story Changed?

Presentation Description: This presentation is about changing the story of what we do, the challenges behind that, and examples of what that change might look like. The presentation is based in a very simple idea I’ve been exploring lately, and one based in rethinking the way in which both individuals and organizations respond to new thinking and new ideas. The presentation will challenge your thinking about traditional perspectives on education, and offer insights on how we might rethink these. I’ll begin with an introduction and then offer a series of vignettes that explore the story of change, all centering on rethinking how we approach the design of new ideas with a very simple approach you can use today. Please join me as I explore changing the story…

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2011 2011-Story Time

Tech Enabled Leadership

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Presenter: Zoe Branigan-Pipe, Dr. Camille Rutherford, Kyle Tuck
Location: Hamilton, Ontario

Presentation Title: Growing Tech Enabled Leaders

Presentation Description: Our story is about growing leaders in the Ed Tech Cohort at Brock University in Hamilton, Ontario. This story begins with planting the seeds of tech leadership by providing intensive hands-on educational technology training. Their growth was nurtured by helping them develop an online professional network and partnering them with Virtual Associate Teachers. As their technical and tech-social competencies grew, cohort participants also received instruction in pedagogical approaches that use technology to enhance teaching and learning, technical curriculum design and leadership theory. This training and support was essential so that they may become a future educational technology leaders and a ‘Forest of Leaders’ can take root. Throughout the presentation you will hear their voices and stories as they grow into 21st century teachers.

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2011 2011-Story Time

Are You For Real?

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Presenter: Rodd Lucier
Location: Komoka, Ontario, Canada

Presentation Title: Are You For Real?

Presentation Description:
Rodd LucierAre you in search of opportunities to make authentic connections with students and teachers? Why not surround yourself with prompts to remind you of compelling stories? Learn how aptly chosen artifacts, deliberately placed, can promote story-telling and relationship-building. Play along and consider how you willing you are to be ‘real’ with your fellow learners.

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Blog: The Clever Sheep
Unplug’d: unplugd.ca

2011 2011-Story Time

Sharing Stories, Becoming Storytellers

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Presenter: Sean McGaughey
Location: Midland, Ontario, Canada

Presentation Title: Sharing Stories, Becoming Storytellers

Presentation Description: Each year, Bayview Public School (bay.scdsb.on.ca) participates in Canada’s National Family Literacy Day, which is held annually on January 27. Two years ago, the parent council president asked me if we could set up a computer at the school to have families record reviews of their favorite books. Using free services, I was able to have them record these reviews via telephone from home. We got a free local voicemail phone number through freephoneline.ca which forwards messages to my email. We posted these audio reviews, of families and children sharing the books they love to the Bayview Family Literacy Day website.

Several classes and many families have contributed audio reviews and we have even had an author respond to one of the reviews. In the process, we have built up a resource of books that families in our community are passionate about.

I hope this presentation can inspire others to creatively use free tools to energize their own school communities.

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Additional Information:
Bayview School Family Literacy Day Project: familyliteracy.edublogs.org

2011 2011-Story Time

Tradigital History: Bringing the Past Alive

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Presenter: Dr. James Beeghley
Location: Mechanicsburg, Pa USA


Presentation Title: Tradigital History: Bringing the Past Alive

Presentation Description: Many teachers would indicate that there is insufficient time and they lack available resources to fully and properly cover the topic so they instead focus on famous people, famous dates in history and other major events. In addition to traditional resources such as textbooks and secondary sources, the Internet opens the doors to vast libraries of information and resources for teaching about history. This is important because while reviewing these resources, students might brainstorm, using prior knowledge, and engage in problem-solving strategies similar to the work of historians thus adding important dimensions to their learning (NCSS, 1994).

This presentation describes uses of technology, in particular digital historical resources, for the teaching of history and social studies. Digital historical resources such as the Valley of the Shadow project challenge traditional interpretations of historical events in today’s K-12 social studies classrooms. In addition, digital historical resources from sources such as the National Archives or The Library of Congress can be used to challenge and clarify popular ideas about our history such as the causes of the Civil War. For example, primary source documents could be used to challenge and clarify some of the more popular misconceptions about the causes of the Civil War because K-12 teachers usually do not consider this as an open ended question.

The presentation will discuss how to encourage students to learn more about early photography, use analysis skills, and to research additional while using original photographs from throughout history.

Attendees will be shown how to use photographs as part of a CSI theme in order to incorporate Science and other content areas. Furthermore, the session will address how educators can use audio and video to teach and engage students in “doing history”. The session will present information on the use of Web 2.0 in teaching history including how to create/use Web 2.0 tools for their classroom use.

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2011 2011-Story Time

Computer Based Math

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Presenter: David Wees
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Presentation Title: Computer Based Math

Presentation Description:

Computers in math education are typically seen as a tool for delivering content, assessing student understanding, or in some few cases, as a vehicle for exploration of mathematical ideas. Conrad Wolfram has suggested that computers could be used to replace the computation step of solving mathematical problems, so that students’ time could be freed up to learn the other aspects of mathematical problem solving.

This presentation is an attempt to explore the consequences of this idea, and to frame my opinion of the use of computers in mathematics education.

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2011 2011-Story Time

The Black Line Mystery – a story about the most complicated chinese character known to mankind and its community

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Presenter: Jess McCulloch
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Presentation Title: The Black Line Mystery “” a story about the most complicated Chinese character known to mankind and its community.

Presentation Description: Agent 42, Charles the Basset Hound and The Council of Chiefs have recruited many secret agents to help them save the community from The Doom Of Not Knowing how to read Chinese characters, to save them from seeing just random black lines! But they aren’t without enemies. Agent X tries to stop them, saying that Chinese characters are too confusing for the community – why would anyone need to know about them?! Come along to be swept up in the Black Line Mystery, find out what the most complicated Chinese character of all time looks like, what it means and how it is being used to unlock the mystery of all Chinese characters.

Also hear the story of the agents, both virtual and face to face, and how they have started to build a community of their own around this character – a community for the power of good, for the power of knowledge, all with the power of a story.

Just imagine you received a real paper letter in the mail. There was no return address, just a red chop mark on the back. You carefully open the envelope and take out a single white page. On the page you see this:

the character

You’ve got no idea what it is let alone what it might mean or why it has been sent to you. On closer inspection you notice that at the bottom of the page is this:

Password: hanzi

What would you do?

Go on then, do it.

Additional Information:
Blog: www.technolote.com
The Black Line Mystery: sites.google.com/site/blacklinemystery

2011 2011-Story Time

How Do I Know I Made A Difference? (an audio story)

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Presenter: Ben Hazzard
Location: Port Lambton, Ontario, Canada


Presentation Title: How Do I Know I Made A Difference? (an audio story)

Presentation Description: From the teacher’s perspective change can be scary, exciting, and full of learning. What does trying something new look like from a student’s perspective? Take a moment to consider a student as a teacher begins to explore one new learning opportunity with a class. Open your ears and visualize a whole a different perspective.

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2011 2011-Story Time

When Learning Becomes An Event

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Presenter: Andy McKiel
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Presentation Title: When Learning Becomes An Event

Presentation Description: As an educator, how do you make learning sticky for your students? This session will explore the concept of making ordinary lessons and projects extraordinary by celebrating even the little things that occur within our classrooms and schools on a daily basis.

Find out how you can make learning become an event by considering common elements woven through a variety of success stories and reflecting upon your own personal successes as an educator.

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Additional Information:
Find out more about Andy McKiel:

2011 2011-Story Time

STORY TIME KEYNOTEThe World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

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Presenter: Jim Groom and Tom Woodward
Location: Fredericksburg, VA USA
@jimgroom & @twoodwar

Presentation Title: The World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

Presentation Description: In this episode of the World’s Craziest Educational Videos you host detective Kim Droom takes you inside the Massive Open Online Course ds106. An online storytelling community that started as a class but has become much, much more. Some people call it a cult, others the second coming of the creative web. We report … you decide!


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