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2012 Student Voices

Quest Atlantis: Student Design and Ownership

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Presenter: Bron Stuckey
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Twitter: @bronst

Presentation Description: Students in the inaugural Quest Atlantis Student Congress worked to design, plan, program and build virtual worlds missions, games and activities to support the learning of peers around the globe. Much of Quest Atlantis is managed content and curriculum but in the Student Congress it is the students who design the curriculum based on their passions and interests. The teachers role is to support, scaffold and most of the time get out of the way and stop drawing boundaries to limit student creativity and learning 🙂 This video shows how kids built virtual world environments and activities to demonstrate their knowledge and skills and to support the learning of their peers.Your school can readily be part of this exciting program as any student can level up in the game and community to be part of this supportive and creative space. Digital citizenship IS a lived curriculum and activities like these in QA offer opportunities for leadership, mentoring, collaboration and healthy competition.

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Additional Information:
Teachers wishing to join Quest Atlantis should apply for an educator account to explore the program.

Then join an online teacher professional development workshop to become a Quest Atlantis certified teacher.

There is no $$$ cost to the program but there is a professional commitment to attend training and use the program as part of a rich inquiry classroom pedagogy.

2012 Student Voices

Keynote for Student Voices: Kids Teaching Kids

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Presenter: Tiana Kadkhoda
Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Twitter: @tianakad

Presentation Description: 17 year old student from Santa Monica, Tiana Kadkhoda, shares stories and experiences about how student-created videos and media can transform learning and equip students with digital literacy skills alongside traditional curriculum skills. She will also explain why student and teacher collaboration is the foundation to a productive classroom environment.


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We love questions and participation! Please follow my former math teacher, Eric Marcos (@mathtrain), to find out more about what’s happening with mathtrain.tv and to ask any questions!


2012 2012-Keynote

2012 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTELaunching Learning

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Presenter: Kevin Honeycutt
Location: Inman, Kansas
Twitter: @kevinhoneycutt

Presentation Description: In this PreConference Keynote for the 2012 K-12 Online Conference, educator Kevin Honeycutt challenges us to “remix learning” by combining our old models for school with today’s possibilities to make learning more interesting and engaging for students. We shouldn’t amputate kids’ digital limbs when they come to school! If Applebee’s can be lit theatrically to make your food more interesting, why can’t this be true in our schools? We need to hear more reasons why we CAN make learning more interesting, and invite the students to help us co-create our learning environments. How do we let students get excited about their learning and become archeologists of their own learning? Rather than focusing on what we CAN’T do, let’s focus on what we CAN do no matter what our budget is. The “killer app” for the 21st century is “to learn to love to learn.” Kevin challenges us to think new ideas, get rid of laminated lesson plans, and be an advocates for students as together we embrace project-based learning.


Referenced Links:

  1. Kansas Cosmosophere and Space Center (in Hutchinson, Kansas)
  2. Shapeways
  3. Kevin Honeycutt’s website
2011 2011-Level Up

iCreate vs. iConsumption

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Presenter: Scott Meech
Location: Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USA
Twitter: @smeech

Presentation Description: Many argue that the iPad is the premiere consumption device at this time but it isn’t very good at creating. I want to walk through some thoughts to battle that thinking. Creating on the iPad is different but it is an effective creation device. The very nature of the device itself and how we interface with it provide for a uniquely creative environment. Effectively creating on the iPad requires a different workflow from traditional computers. Once users get proficient with that workflow, the iPad becomes an amazing creation device!

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Additional Information:
Please check out IEAR.org, EdReach.us, and SMeech.net to learn more about my work with technology and education.

2011 2011-Level Up

Edmodo: Connect, Collaborate, Create!

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Presenter: Martha Lackey
Location: Midlothian, TX   76065
Twitter: @lackeym

I will show and discuss ways for using Edmodo in a 2nd grade bilingual class. My main focus will show how using 21st century tools can prepare students globally for the 21st century!

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Additional Information:
I am a 2nd-3rd grade bilingual instructor and campus technology liaison. I help 1st and 2nd year teachers with basic computer skills required by our district. I also help teachers integrate the use of 21st century technology skills into their curriculum.



2011 2011-Level Up

Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game

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Presenter: Dr. Leigh Zeitz
Location: Cedar Falls, Iowa USA
Twitter: @zeitz

Presentation Title: Gaming to Learn by Learning to Game

Presentation Description: Gaming has a place in education. As we explore the world of gaming, we realize that gaming is actually based upon learning theory. Gaming can be used to create authentic problem-based learning opportunities that support and nurture 21st century skill. This presentation shows the connection between gaming, brain-based research and developing 21st century skills.

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Dr. Z Reflects

2011 2011-Level Up

Creating a Self Correcting Quiz Using Google Forms

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Presenter: Kristopher Redman / Kern Kelley
Location: Newport, Maine

Presentation Title: Creating a Self Correcting Quiz Using Google Forms

Presentation Description: This presentation takes users step by step through the process of creating a self-correcting quiz using Google Forms.

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Additional Information:
For more information about visit me on www.kristopherredman.com

2011 2011-Level Up

Making Learning Fun In Spite of the Technology

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Presenter: Kay Tibbs
Location: United States
Twitter: @ktibbs353

Presentation Description: What if you could focus on your students’ learning and not worry about the technology they have, or more accurately, don’t have?What if it didn’t matter that some students have iOS devices while others have Android devices and those who don’t have a handheld device can use the laptops or desktop computers? Just imagine if it simply didn’t matter…. What if you could have those fancy Student Response Systems and not have to fork out money?
It doesn’t matter what device they have and that you don’t have any money to purchase a Student Response System as long as they can access the Internet. Socrative is a web-based student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. How many times have you asked students a question, just to have the smartest students be the only ones who volunteer to answer? Using Socrative, all students can answer your questions and you can see their responses right away or look at them later, whatever works for you.
Take your student learning to new levels of engagement. Make time for play in learning. Give your students the ability to discover, try, fail, solve problems, and experience that learning is fun.

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Additional Information:
My goal is to provide teachers with resources that allow them to see the power of web-based applications, the functionality of mobile technologies and the engagement that students experience as a result of letting them take control of their own learning. When teachers realize that students don’t have to have the same equipment, as long as they can access or respond to whatever the teacher is guiding, then the barriers are removed. Take your students to new levels of engagement. Make time for play in learning. Give your students the ability to discover, try, fail, solve problems, and experience that learning is fun!

2011 2011-Level Up

What Can Be Done in Just 60 Seconds?

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Presenter: Julia Osteen
Location: Norcross, GA, USA
Twitter: @josteen

Presentation Title: What Can Be Done in Just 60 Seconds?

Presentation Description:

What can be done in just 60 seconds?

empty a trash can
reply to an email
wipe spots off a mirror
cut a loose string off your clothing
OR – empower a generation!

The 60 second recap video site attempts to do just that. Their mission? To make the great works of literature accessible, relevant and irresistible to today’s teens. But the site does not stop there. It also invites a greater conversation and participation into the realm of global contribution for the purpose of education.

Sure, we want kids to get excited about reading but we also want kids to get other kids excited about reading. Find out how one teacher has used someone else’s great idea to empower her students further as readers, writers, and contributors to the greater conversation.

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