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2014 2014-Gamification

Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching

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Presenter: Sarah Thomas
Location: Woodbridge, VA

Presentation Title: Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching

Presentation Description: The face of instruction is changing, as educators often struggle to engage digital natives. Gamification, or applying game mechanics to non-traditional settings, has proved to be an innovative and effective way to capture the interest of today’s learners. In this session, educators will be provided with a simple framework to help them begin the process of gamifying their classroom. This video presentation will incorporate various resources to gamify for little or no money.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
Blog: sarahdateechur.com
EduMatch Project: edumatch.education
App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/app-4-teechurs/id897181453?ls=1&mt=8

2014 2014-Gamification

Gamification: It’s not all fun and games!

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Presenter: Avi Spector
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Presentation Description: Gamification can be defined as taking a closer look at the engaging and motivating aspects of video games and then applying these elements to a learning environment. Gamification incorporates positive reinforcement, collaboration, and recognition of achievements; it is not about bringing video games into a classroom! In this session, we’ll focus on seven key elements of Gamified classroom. We’ll also explore Gamification classroom models from two different language teachers.

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Additional Information:
Avi Spector is a pedagogical consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Regional Service. He is also a member of the Adobe Education Leaders Program. With a strong belief that pedagogy should always drive technology in the classroom, Avi helps teachers find relevant and sustainable ways of using technology to enhance learning and develop student competencies. Avi has been an avid gamer since childhood and is thrilled to see how the engaging and motivating elements of his favorite pastime are now being applied (and taken seriously!) in education.

Connect with Avi on Twitter (@a_spector) or on his pedagogy focused website at www.beyondthetools.com

2014 2014-Gamification

#Gamifi_ED Networked Intergenerational Learning

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Presenter: Verena Roberts
Location: CALGARY
Link to presenter’s Twitter page(s) or other profile page if not using Twitter

Presentation Description: It all started with an idea put out on twitter – “It’s Ironic that my tweets about creating hunger games online learning opportunity- is the way I feel about learning.”

Lee Graham saw the tweet and started the #Gamifi-ED collaboration. Based on the Educurious “Hunger Games” module, we challenged ourselves to create an opportunity for her graduate students to take a pdf module and turn it into an open online networked experience. To add to the momentum, Vicki Davis, and her grade 9 class and Colin Osterhout joined our team – and #Gamifi-ED was formed. We all became gamemakers and took on different aspects of one giant intergenerational networked online project. Lee and Vicki worked with their students to create a rubric that evaluated serious games and created an creative commons licensed wiki full of student and teacher reviewed “serious games”. To help them, Verena organized an “Open Online Community”. Over two weeks, experts from around the world shared their experiences with the world through Google Hangouts. All of these webinars were saved as OPen Educational Resources in the #Gamifi-ED youtube channel. Finally, Colin introduced the students to Hunger Games simulations in Minecraft. Lee completed the project by challenging her graduate students to demonstrate their understanding of leadership and games by creating video “trailers” of new serious games.

The project proved the power of learning through collaboration and inquiry in online networked environments. Everyone developed an appreciation of the potential of games in education.

Additional Information:
Wiki: https://gamifi-ed.wikispaces.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGAzdAjKx64Fvw6z_kdDOTg

Higher Ed Course: http://uasleadership.wordpress.com/

Vicki Davis Blog: http://www.coolcatteacher.com/gamifi-ed-project-update1/

Edutopia Post about #Gamifi-ED http://www.edutopia.org/blog/gamification-in-education-vicki-davis

2014 2014-Gamification

Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

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Presenter: Harrison McCoy
Location: Arlington, Texas, USA


Presentation Title: Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

Presentation Description: Gamification is one of the hottest topics in education today. This presentation explores how to gamify the entire classroom by creating a gaming culture in which assignments are embedded in quests that earn participants points, badges, prizes and the ability to level up in a year-long game. This strategy teaches individual accountability, collaboration, community service, leadership, academic achievement in core content areas, critical thinking and problem solving.

Additional Information:

Check out my professional development blog at www.theothereduguy.blogspot.com

2014 2014-Gamification

The iPad’s Killer App

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Presenter: Ben Rimes
Location: Mattawan, Michigan, United States


Presentation Description: For the hundreds of thousands of apps on the iPad, there is one often neglected app that already comes pre-installed; the Camera App! Exploration of the world around us using video and images allows students to capture elements of curiosity and real world examples of concepts for assessment, demonstration of knowledge, and creating engaging learning opportunities. This screencast/video will give educators ideas to challenge their students to capture the world around them and move past gamification, towards more playful learning experiences that rely more on intrinsic motivation, rather than extrinsic devices, badges, and stimuli.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

2014 2014-Gamification 2014-Keynote

Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning

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Presenter: Kevin Hodgson
Location: Southampton, MA, USA

Presentation Description: Everywhere you look, young people are playing games and mostly, they are playing games on their screens. But are they merely consumers of content or are they creators of it? With a nod towards the ideas of gamifying the classroom, this keynote presentation will delve into detail around encouraging young people to design and publish their own content-area video games, while still meeting pedagogical aims of teachers. By tapping into the elements of “play” and teaching the concepts of “design,” educators can engage students of all ages in gaming in a very positive way.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
My Flipboard Collection on Gaming in Schools: https://flipboard.com/section/game-design-and-learning-bs1AKc

2014 2014 Teasers

Teaser: Gamification Keynote – Game on by @dogtrax

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Ladies and Gentleman, Educators, K12 Online Fans, Gamers or whatever you call yourselves, thanks for joining us for the k12 online conference 2014 edition!

A big shoutout to @wfryer for kicking off the the K12 Online Conference this past week with his Keynote:  Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning  Please check out if you have not done so and share with your network.  

Check out Kevin Hodgson’s Keynote Promo for the Gamification strand. It will go live on Monday October 20, 2014. 

PROMO (Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning) by @dogtrax






2013 Leading Learning

Deeper Learning Online

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Presenter: Laura McBain, Ryan Gallagher
Location: San Diego, CA, USA
@sdmcb, @dlmooc

Presentation Title: Deeper Learning Online

Presentation Description: This video shows what deeper learning looks like from the perspective of a superintendent, teacher and student. It also shows why we need deeper learning and defines the various aspects of it.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
Deeper Learning MOOC

2013 Leading Learning

Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning

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Presenter: Paige Hale
Location: Salvisa, KY
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/paige.harrisonhale

Presentation Title: Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning

Presentation Description: This presentation will explore an educational professional’s ongoing journey as a leader and lifelong learner. It will examine free online resources for promoting personal professional growth including: social media-based communities of practice, Open Courseware, webinars, listservs, and blogs. This session aims to provide educational practitioners with ideas and inspiration for using the Internet as a tool for ongoing professional growth. Participants will see how a small investment of time can enable them to become active members in current communities of professional practice. The presentation will be produced via video though which the presenter will personally articulate her unique personal experiences and insights.