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Using iOS App Affordances to Foster Literacy Learning in the Classroom

Presenter: Richard Beach and Jill Castek Location: Minneapolis, MN, US/Portland, OR, US Twitter: @rbeach   @jillcastek Presentation Description: This presentation describes students’ uses of iOS app affordances to foster collaborative reading, writing, and speaking/listening literacy practices in the classroom given the need to determine how apps can be used to foster literacy practices. By app affordances, we […]

Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote Teaser: It’s Not About the Apps

Take a sneak peek to Mathew Needleman’s K12Online12 Keynote presentation for the “Kicking Up a Notch Strand”. Look for the full presentation on Monday October 29, 2012.

Sandpit QR Code Presentation

Presenter: Allanah King Location: Nelson, New Zealand @Allanahk Presentation Title: Sandpit QR Code Presentation Presentation Description: In this presentation Allanah King describes how she has used QR codes with her class of Year Four children. She also shares a number of other uses of QR Codes that may be useful in teaching and communicating with the wider community. The ideas in […]

Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration

Presenter: Andy Crozier & Mike Amante Location: Cedar Rapids, IA & New Hartford, NY, USA Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page Presentation Title: Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration Presentation Description: Are you using your iPod Touch/iPhone to simply check your email or answer your phone? Did you […]