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Augmenting Interest in Reading with Augmented Reality

Presenter: Kyle Dunbar Location: Alexandria, VA USA @edtechdunny Presentation Description: Through screencasts, presentation tools and videos of interviews with teachers and students, I will share examples of students creating videos about books they are reading that are linked through the Augmented Reality app Aurasma. Viewers will hear about students drafting their videos, recording their videos, […]

Digital Story Telling Through App Smashing

Presenter: Caroline Doughty Location: Alexandria, Virginia @msdoughty2 Presentation Description: Classrooms across America use digital story telling apps to enhance students’ understanding and learning. Why stop at one app? App Smashing is a technology integration technique where students use two or more apps to create an original work. When app smashing, students process and share information […]

The iPad’s Killer App

Presenter: Ben Rimes Location: Mattawan, Michigan, United States @techsavvyed   Presentation Description: For the hundreds of thousands of apps on the iPad, there is one often neglected app that already comes pre-installed; the Camera App! Exploration of the world around us using video and images allows students to capture elements of curiosity and real world […]

20 Creation Apps in 20 Minutes

Presenter: David Lockhart Location: Atlanta, Georgia @ld112265   Presentation Title: 20 Creation Apps in 20 Minutes Presentation Description: Are you tired of going to a PD session and only getting one idea or app? Do you like to play with the technology before you use it in the classroom? Then this session is for you. […]

Using iOS App Affordances to Foster Literacy Learning in the Classroom

Presenter: Richard Beach and Jill Castek Location: Minneapolis, MN, US/Portland, OR, US Twitter: @rbeach   @jillcastek Presentation Description: This presentation describes students’ uses of iOS app affordances to foster collaborative reading, writing, and speaking/listening literacy practices in the classroom given the need to determine how apps can be used to foster literacy practices. By app affordances, we […]

Keynote for Kicking It Up A Notch : It’s Not About the Apps

Presenter: Mathew Needleman Location: Los Angeles, CA Twitter:  @mrneedleman Presentation Description: As mobile devices take over we have to decide between replicating traditional classroom work with digital flashcards or infusing our classrooms with creativity. Mathew Needleman describes how taking pictures with an iPhone sparked a personal creative renaissance and how this might occur in our […]

Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote Teaser: It’s Not About the Apps

Take a sneak peek to Mathew Needleman’s K12Online12 Keynote presentation for the “Kicking Up a Notch Strand”. Look for the full presentation on Monday October 29, 2012.

Everything Apps for the K12 Educator

Presenter: Naomi Harm Location: Brownsville, MN @nharm Presentation Title: Everything Apps for the K12 Educator Presentation Description: Everywhere you look, people are talking about mobile learning devices. How can we use them and their apps to assist educators with their day to day instruction and immediate and mobile assessments? How can we harness the power […]

Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration

Presenter: Andy Crozier & Mike Amante Location: Cedar Rapids, IA & New Hartford, NY, USA Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page Presentation Title: Just a “touch” of leadership – Using the iPod Touch/IPhone in Administration Presentation Description: Are you using your iPod Touch/iPhone to simply check your email or answer your phone? Did you […]

The Wizard of Apps

Presenter: Joyce Kasman Valenza Location: Rydal, PA, USA Twitter: @joycevalenza Presentation Title: The Wizard of Apps or Will they have an app for that? or What we are learning and loading along the road Presentation Description: In this student-produced keynote, Joyce and the students of Springfield Township High School’s Theatre II class consider which apps […]