Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Send My Own Rover Over

Presenter: Kimberly Herron
Location: Inman, KS, USA
Twitter: @herronfive

Presentation Description: Launch your students into developing space and science vocabulary and concepts as they follow current events of The Curiosity Rover landing on Mars AND design, build, and launch their very own rubber band powered rovers.

Mission: Design and construct a rubber band powered rover with lander that will carry a raw egg as a payload and does not weigh more than 300 grams. It must be launched from 5 meters high, land safely without damage to the payload, and automatically engage rubber band powered wheels to move forward 3 – 5 meters.

Through this project based lesson students engage higher level skills incorporating the scientific method with research, engineering, writing, math, vocabulary, and team work to successfully complete their mission.


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