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Preview: Week 2 of the K12Online Conference

A big thank you to all that have made week 1 a success! The buzz around K12online12 continues to grow. Wait, there is still more to come. In week 2 of our conference we present the “Student Voices” strand and the “Kicking Up a Notch Strand”.  Check out the following teasers: Monday: October 29 Kicking […]

Student Voices Teaser: Kids Teaching Kids

Check out this teaser for the “Student Voices” strand by Tiana Kadkhoda  Look for it on Monday October 29, 2012. K12 Online Conference 2012 Student Voices: Kids Teaching Kids Teaser from Tiana Kadkhoda on Vimeo.

Kicking It Up A Notch Keynote Teaser: It’s Not About the Apps

Take a sneak peek to Mathew Needleman’s K12Online12 Keynote presentation for the “Kicking Up a Notch Strand”. Look for the full presentation on Monday October 29, 2012.

Teaser – Make Meaning with Wolfram Alpha

This is a teaser video for Jane Krauss’ upcoming presentation in our “Visioning New Curriculum” strand, “Make Meaning with Wolfram Alpha.”

Teaser – How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud

Here is Ian Sands’s teaser video for his upcoming presentation in the Visioning New Curriculum strand, “How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud.” K-12 Online Teaser : How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud from iansands on Vimeo.

Teaser – Thinking Big About Learning

Here is Glenda Baker’s teaser video as part of the Kicking Up a Notch Strand “Thinking Big About Learning” Thinking Big About Learning | Teaser from Glenda Baker on Vimeo.

Teaser – Blended Learning

Here is Janine Campbell’s teaser video as part of the Kicking Up a Notch strand, “Remixing what Teaching Looks Like Through Blended Learning” BlendedLearningfinal from Janine Campbell on Vimeo.

Teaser – Student News Teams – Telling the Story

Here is a sneak look at Brad Wilson’s presentation. The full presentation goes live on November 1!

Teaser – Digital ID Project

Here’s a short teaser for Gail Desler and Natalie Bernasconi’s presentation about the Digital ID Project for the Getting Started Strand. Whet your appetite – more to come…  

Teaser Video – Visioning New Curriculum Keynote

This is a short “teaser” video for Karen Fasimpaur‘s keynote in the “Visioning New Curriculum” strand of this year’s K-12 Online Conference. Visioning New Curriculum – A trailer for the K12 Online Conference from Karen Fasimpaur on Vimeo.