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Make Meaning with Wolfram Alpha

Presenter: Jane Krauss Location: Eugene, Oregon USA Twitter: @jkrauss Presentation Description: Project based learning can sometimes be recipe-like, leading to predictable, “cookie-cutter” results. I want to help people reimagine PBL and set up better investigations so students truly construct new meaning. It starts with posing a compelling question and then setting kids loose with tools like […]

Make/Hack/Play – Lenses for Learning

Presenter: Bud Hunt Location: Longmont, Colorado USA Twitter: @budtheteacher Presentation Description: The Center for Make/Hack/Play grew out of a system asking itself questions about the purpose and role of schools as institutions of learning. In this presentation, Bud Hunt unpacks the terms that guide his inquiry about and work within schools. Link to presentation’s supporting documents: […]

How Technology Helped Me Paint With Mud

Presenter: Ian Sands Location: Apex, North Carolina USA Twitter: @iansands Presentation Description: In today’s high school art curriculum there is a separation between the visual art class and the technology class. The current high school art curriculum’s focus is on traditional media with very little integrated technology. Technology is separated from traditional visual art classes and […]

Creating Learning Experiences without the Textbook

Presenter: April Chamberlain, Shawn Nutting & Ammie Akin Location: Trussville, Alabama USA Twitter: @aprilpc Presentation Description: Learn how teachers in Trussville, Alabama are creating learning experiences without the textbook using Livescribe for secondary math, teacher created elementary math videos, QR codes in books and around the school, virtual field trips, Socrative and educator collaborative space. Link […]

Virtual Worlds for Immersive, Media Rich Educational Shared Environments

Presenter: Alan Hudson Location: Somerset and London, United Kingdom Twitter: @AlanNHudson Presentation Description: Online virtual worlds enable the creation of immersive environments not possible in other media or in conventional classrooms. Real life reproductions of environments such as a court room for teaching law students, or burning buildings for training fire fighters are prohibitively expensive, […]

The Flipped Class for Administrators

Presenter: Jon Bergmann Location: Lake Forest, Illinois USA Twitter: @jonbergmann Presentation Description: Learn from Flipped Class pioneer Jon Bergmann as he explains tips for administrators as they consider implementing flipped learning into their schools. Link to presentation’s supporting documents: Additional Information: Flipped Learning NonProfit: Flipped Network NING Jon’s personal blog page:

Going One-to-One

Presenter: Patrick Fogarty Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA Twitter: @fogarty22 Presentation Title: Going One-to-One Presentation Description: “One-to-one computing” is more than another educational buzzphrase; it’s a movement whose proponents aim to make our classrooms resemble the workplace of today and tomorrow rather than the factories of the 19th century. It’s an idea developed through thirty years […]

Visioning New Curriculum Keynote

Presenter: Karen Fasimpaur Location: Portal, Arizona USA Twitter: @kfasimpaur Presentation Title: Visioning New Curriculum Presentation Description: This keynote session by Karen Fasimpaur for the “Visioning New Curriculum” strand talks about the unique opportunities presented by Common Core, digital tools, openness, and innovation. The time for one-size-fits-all, top-down curriculum is over. This session gives examples of curriculum […]