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Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Send My Own Rover Over

Presenter: Kimberly Herron Location: Inman, KS, USA Twitter: @herronfive Presentation Description: Launch your students into developing space and science vocabulary and concepts as they follow current events of The Curiosity Rover landing on Mars AND design, build, and launch their very own rubber band powered rovers. Mission: Design and construct a rubber band powered rover […]

Authentic Voices

Presenter: Kyle Dunbar Location: Alexandria, VA, USA Twitter: @edtechdunny Presentation Description: Come learn about and listen to student voices highlighted on Authentic Voices ( a wiki co-developed with a Language Arts teacher and a Technology Integration Specialist at an alternative setting. Authentic Voices is a place where students upload original pieces of writing along with an […]

Student News Teams: Telling the Story

Presenter: Brad Wilson Location: Jackson, Michigan, USA Twitter: @dreambition Presentation Description: How does your school community learn about events, announcements & celebrations of learning? How does the public view your school? The students in this presentation are part of school programs that put them in control of these stories! By using whatever technology tools available, […]

Creating and Playing in Minecraft

Presenter: Alexander Fryer Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA YouTube:  legoarf Presentation Description: Minecraft is a game and virtual world you may have heard about but not know a lot about. I created this presentation to show adults what students are doing in Minecraft, some basics of the game, and how people (even adults) are using Minecraft in […]

Beaucoup de Cool Student Projects

Presenter: Audrey McLaren McGoldrick Location: Dorval, Quebec, Canada Twitter: @a_mcsquared Presentation Title: Beaucoup de Cool Student Projects Presentation Description: This presentation is about the year-long process that my math students undertook to create independent research assignments. Their projects unlocked their creativity, either artistic or mathematical, and the final products were as much about the students […]

Video Story Problems

Presenter: Ben Rimes Location: St. Joseph, MI, USA Twitter: @techsavvyed Presentation Description: Traditional story problems are dull. They’re usually disconnected from real world scenarios and learner’s experiences, and are presented in an artificial manner. Through the use of video, students and teachers can capture genuine moments of curiosity and real world examples for use in the […]

Quest Atlantis: Student Design and Ownership

Presenter: Bron Stuckey Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia Twitter: @bronst Presentation Description: Students in the inaugural Quest Atlantis Student Congress worked to design, plan, program and build virtual worlds missions, games and activities to support the learning of peers around the globe. Much of Quest Atlantis is managed content and curriculum but in the Student Congress it […]

Keynote for Student Voices: Kids Teaching Kids

Presenter: Tiana Kadkhoda Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA Twitter: @tianakad Presentation Description: 17 year old student from Santa Monica, Tiana Kadkhoda, shares stories and experiences about how student-created videos and media can transform learning and equip students with digital literacy skills alongside traditional curriculum skills. She will also explain why student and teacher collaboration is […]