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The Magic of Mobile Learning

Presenter: Shelly Sanchez Terrell Location: San Antonio, TX, USA Twitter: @ShellTerrell Presentation Description: Mobile learning has transformed the way we learn. The features and apps allow learners to move around the classroom, which helps spark creativity and imagination. In this session, we will explore activities that get learners on their feet exploring, analyzing, and engaging […]

Show off your work online using

Presenter: Valerie R. Burton Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA Twitter: @MsBisOnline Presentation Description: Let me show you how to use to publish your work. Looking for a way to create ePortfolios for you and your students? Need a website for class? Join me in this session and I will show you how to create ePortfolios for […]

Beyond eLearning: Online Teaching Platforms

Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Friedberg Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada Twitter: @spongelab Presentation Description: What can platform technology do for eLearning? Platforms are what multimedia creators use to distribute their content to a user-base. In a learning context, platforms are also used to track and analyse the behaviour of users, in order to understand precisely how content […]

7 Degrees of Connectedness

Presenter: Rodd Lucier Location: Komoka, Ontario, Canada Twitter: @thecleversheep Presentation Description: What is it for you that leads you to pay closer attention to the learners in your network? Do you feel close to those colleagues you interact with, even if you’ve never met? Are you more attuned to those people whose voices are amplified […]

Leveraging the Power of Social Media in the Classroom

Presenter: Elaine Plybon Location: Bedford, Texas USA Twitter: @eplybon Presentation Description: Teenagers spend 80% of their time on the internet involved in social networking websites. This presentation explores the ways educators can utilize their understanding of these venues to create engaging lessons that will help students gain content knowledge, assist teachers in assessing student progress, […]

Leveraging Social Media to Flatten Your Classroom Walls

Presenters: Paula Naugle and Jan Wells Location: New Orleans, Louisiana USA & Meriden, Kansas USA Twitter: @plnaugle  & @janwells Presentation Description: Most teachers would love to communicate and collaborate with other classes but are unsure just how to begin this process. How do you go about finding other classes to connect with? Where do you find […]

A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget!

Presenter: Karyn Keenan Location: Chicago, Illinois USA Twitter: @karynteaches Presentation Description: In this presentation, Karyn shares how she takes her primary students on a digital journey without a budget! First, Karyn will convince you why you should blog with your students. Then you will learn how to set up blogs on Kidblog and get your […]

Digital ID Project A Platform for Learning, Sharing, Remixing and Teaching Digital Citizenship

Presenter: Gail Desler & Natalie Bernasconi Location: Placerville, California USA (Gail) & Salinas, California USA (Natalie) Twitter: @gaildesler & @nbernasconi Presentation Description: We’d like to invite you – whether you are a classroom teacher, a parent, an administrator, or a policy maker – into this international conversation on why digital citizenship is an essential part of a […]