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Level Up Teaser: Let’s Get Ripped

Week Two – Level Up. See what’s coming. Check out Carol Broos’ teaser.

Teaser Sandbox Play – Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks

Look for Barbara and Betsye’s video from Pheonix School on Tuesday December 6th.

Teaser Storytime – Digital Storytelling DS106

Check out Jim Groom and Tom Woodward’s teaser for Storytime Keynote.

Teaser Sandbox Play – QR Codes in the Classroom

Check out Allanah King’s teaser. Look for her presentation the Week of December 5th.

Teaser Sandbox Play – Tools to Help You Create, Produce and Publish

Another teaser or two from the Sandbox Play team! Here we present  Valerie Burton in her blog post I love playing in the techie digital sandbox  Tools to help you create, produce and publish on PhotoPeach Check out her Valerie’s blog Ms. B is Online

Teaser Sandbox Play – Scratching Kids Brains

Check out Geofrey Derry’s presentation the week of December 5th. Scratching Kids Brains from Geoff Derry on Vimeo. follow @gderry on twitter.

Teaser Pre-Conference Keynote – The Sandbox Manifesto

Teaser Pre-Conference Keynote – The Sandbox Manifesto The 2011 K12 Online Conference is about to kick off with the Pre-Conference Keynote by our fabulous, inspirational presenter, Angela Maiers. Take a look at this special teaser she has prepared for us, and then watch for her presentation when it is posted on Monday, November 21 at […]

Teaser StoryTime – Sharing Stories, Becoming Storytellers

Check out Sean’s teaser video for #k12online 2011.  Look for Sean’s video the week of November 28 – December 2nd, 2011.  A big thank you to Sean for setting up a twitter and blog list at his blog Educational Alchemy. You can follow @Sean_McGaughey and make sure to add yourself to the twitter and blog […]

Teaser Sandbox Play – ArtiTech

Check out our newest teaser for the #k12online conference 2011. Teri Gragg and her students from Brigantine, NJ, USA!  Come along and play in the sandbox with us. As we present a different way to integrate Art and Technology – ArtiTech. Look for us during the week of December 5th – 8th the second week […]

Teaser Sandbox Play – Screencasting 101

The 2011 K-12 Online Conference is just around the corner, and you know it’s coming soon because some of our presenters have started submitting “teaser videos.” These short videos are like a “movie trailer” for an upcoming presentation. The following 68 second video, from Lorna Costantini, is a teaser for her presentation in the “Sandbox Play” […]