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Coaching for ICT Integration

Presenter: Anne Fox Location: Aarhus, Denmark @foxdenuk Presentation Title: Coaching for ICT Integration Presentation Description: In this session you will find out why coaching is an effective professional development tool and how the VITAE course could help you become an ICT integration coach. You will do this by using six Web 2.0 tools to access […]

Lead the World

Presenters: Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay with Curt Bonk, Anne Mirtschin, Judy O’Connell, Dean Shareski, Don Tapscott, David Warlick, Flat Classroom conference students – Doha Qatar, Suffern Middle School (Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom), Mt. Carmel High School (Suzie Nestico), Phoenix School (Betsye Sargent), West Tisbury (Valerie Becker), and Flat Classroom Students Location: Camilla, GA and […]

School Leaders Set the Tone by Playing, Experimenting and Taking Risks

Presenter: Blair Peterson Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil @eijunkie Presentation Title: School Leaders Set the Tone by Playing, Experimenting and Taking Risks Presentation Description: Leaders play a major role in setting the tone for the school community. In today’s schools it’s essential that members of the community take risks and step outside of their comfort zone […]

Transforming Education

Presenter: David Truss Location: Coquitlam, BC, Canada @datruss Presentation Title: Transforming Education Presentation Description: There are really only two messages in this presentation. First, Education is NOT broken! So let’s start using language that is constructive rather than counterproductive. And secondly, as educators we are inherently leaders, no matter what our role is, and so […]

When Leadership and Learning Collide

Presenter: Dave Edwards Location: Wilmington, NC USA Twitter: @eduk8andlead Presentation Title: When Leadership and Learning Collide Presentation Description: Today’s educational leader has to understand the 21st century learning process and map it to today’s workforce needs. Gaining an understanding of what it takes to foster innovation/creativity/change in schools and classrooms is imperative for leaders at […]

Hardware is not Enough – The Teacher/Facilitator Partnership

Presenters: Kim Cofino & Chrissy Hellyer Locations: Yokohama, Japan; Bangkok, Thailand @mscofino  @nzchrissy Presentation Title: Hardware is not Enough – The Teacher/Facilitator Partnership Presentation Description: Building and sustaining 21st century teaching and learning practices to develop purposeful play requires a new kind of support structure, focusing on human relationships and pedagogy. Many schools label this […]

Get in the Game – Learning, Leading and Play

Presenter: Shannon Smith Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada @shannoninottawa Presentation Title: Get in the Game – Learning, Leading and Play Presentation Description: This presentation explores the role school leaders assume in promoting play within learning environments. Play is intimately linked to creativity, the development of cognitive flexibility and a sense of belonging — all things critical […]

Building a Uniquely Montana Program: The Montana Digital Academy

Presenter: Jason Neiffer Location: Missoula, MT, USA @techsavvyteach Presentation Title: Building a Uniquely Montana Program: The Montana Digital Academy Presentation Description: The Montana Digital Academy is Montana’s statewide virtual school built on a foundation of partnerships and working together to provide digital online learning to students in Big Sky Country. Learn about the formulation of […]

The World is My Classroom

Presenter: Anne Mirtschin Location: Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia @murcha Presentation Title: The World is My Classroom Presentation Description: Learn how a virtual, global, and culturally-blended classroom is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Listen to stories from classrooms in a small rural P12 school that is isolated culturally and geographically where innovative technology is used […]

Playing in Public

Presenter: George Couros Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada @gcouros Presentation Title: Playing in Public Presentation Description: As social media continues to grow, the opportunity to engage in our own learning publicly and learn from others, grows with it. In this presentation, George Couros shares some examples of people “playing publicly” and learning with no end in […]