(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.
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K12 Online Conference Announcement and Archives (June 2018)

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We’re writing to let you know as the organizers of the K-12 Online Conference, we’ve decided to continue archiving all presentations and content from our past events, but not renew our annual conference schedule. Since the K-12 Online Conference started in 2006, we’ve seen an explosion in the use of educational technology tools in classrooms around the world and a corresponding growth in online professional development opportunities. When K12Online started, we were one of the first free, online conferences focused on technology integration for teachers. While we have continued for 11 years and iterated in different ways each year, participation and interest in our conference has waned and it seems best at this time for us to tap the stop button.

We are continuing to maintain our k12onlineconference.org website, however, with links to all our past presentations and referenced resources. We know many pre-service teacher educators have utilized our presentations with students and classes, since all our content is Creative Commons licensed, and we hope that re-use will continue! Even though many technology tools have come and gone and most continue to be updated, there are still wonderful and inspiring presentations to view here that can and will “stand the test of time!”


Over the years, some of the websites hosting our content have gone offline or deleted our content. These have included the College of William and Mary and Blip.tv. Our presentations continue to be hosted by YouTube / Google for ALL the keynotes from all years, and on iTunesU for all presentations starting with 2007, 2008, 2010-2017 (We are missing many from 2009).

  1. iTunesU 2010-2017
  2.  iTunesU 2007
  3.  iTunesU 2008
  4. Our YouTube Playlists

Some presentations are still on DotSub as well. The best way to view available presentations for each year is to the use navigation links at the top of our site for each year of the conference, and then click on individual presentation posts.

We want to thank all of you who have contributed and participated in the K-12 Online Conference over the years, and have helped make it such a wonderful, annual opportunity for inspiring professional learning for educators. We especially thank our organizers over the years, whose names and Twitter IDs are listed on our About page. Many, many hours have been spent here by LOTS of wonderful educators, and we appreciate all the passion, time, and energy which has been put into this amazing online (and entirely FREE / volunteer powered) learning community.

Among the multitude of free, online professional development opportunities still available for educators worldwide, we particularly encourage you to check out the following events. Some of these are annual, while others are more regular:

  1. Classroom 2.0 LIVE (Every Saturday at noon Eastern time)
  2. The Global Education Conference
  3. The Discovery Education Fall Virtual Conference
  4. EduCon Conference (January each year, face-to-face with online streamed sessions)

This summer, starting on August 1, 2018, the two week, #HiveSummit (hivesummit.org) is being convened. Like K12Online, #HiveSummit is free and participant-led, but videos will only be available online for a limited time:

The #HiveSummit will release one new video a day, for the first nine days of August. All videos will stay open in the summit for 14 days. After that time, they will disappear.

It is important to create both buzz and immediacy for digital learning events, to draw participants and encourage people to use one of our most precious and non-renewable resources: Our attention. The K12 Online Conference, in continuing to make its presenter videos and resources available perpetually, and innovating with the use of live/synchronous events in conjunction with asynchronous presentation videos, like our “Echo webcasts,” stands as a landmark experiment in volunteer-led, online digital professional development.

Thanks for your interest and support of the K-12 Online Conference. We hope our work here has and continues to contribute to your professional learning and network connections as a teacher and educator.

Keep sharing and keep innovating! Together we will keep moving forward!

Keep Moving Forward (Walt Disney)

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