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2014 2014-Stories for Learning

We Are All Connected

Presenter: Tim Holt
Location: United States

Presentation Description: What do West Texas Highways, abandoned buildings, London Based English translators, Cancer Research, and a man dressed in a pink flamingo outfit have to do with connecting our students? In “We are all Connected” Tim Holt takes the viewers through a personal journey of self discovery and learns the important lesson that we are all indeed connected, even in places where you might think we are not.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
http://holtthink.tumblr. com

Additional Information:
Tim has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction, and another in Education Leadership. Tim has been in the education field for over 27 years, first as a teacher, then an education facilitator, a researcher, and a Director of Instructional Technology. And if you count his years as a student, he pretty much has been in education all his life.

Tim is a past President of the Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) and as well as being a Past President of the Technology Directors Special Interest Group (TECSIG) of the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). He is the recipient of the ISTE “Pink Jacket” award for achievement in Education Technology.

His blog, Holtthink (Holtthink.tumblr.com) was named one of the top 50 most influential Education Technology blogs for the second year in a row by Ed Tech Magazine.

Tim lives in Canutillo Texas, just outside of El Paso, where he has been a lifelong resident of the area. He is married to Lora Holt and has 4 wonderful children.


  1. Kevin Hodgson

    I love how you found your story in a place, and brought us here. It reminds that connections are everywhere (even on the walls of abandoned buildings). Interesting how technology allows us to follow those connections in different ways.

  2. Kim Thomas

    Through your story you brought to light how truly connected we all are in this world. I should say, we are connected if we decide to take that leap of faith and reach out to connect with others.

  3. Marie Coleman

    This really resonated with me – thanks. It gives me more reasons for appreciating those long stretches of desolate highways (and other places). Capitalizing on those connecting points to make them stories (and hopefully living/growing ones) is the ultimate success ‘story’!

  4. Sara Zozzaro

    It’s truly amazing how connected we all are. Viewing your presentation has really brought into perpective that we are all connected in one way or another and we shouldn’t fear using technology to discover those connections.

  5. Tracey bode

    Hi Tim, I watched your video about being connected, because Pam posted it on Facebook. My husband and I introduced Jayne and Phil. We are Australians and worked in London for a time in. The 80’s. My speech therapy boss was Jayne, and Phil and my husband Derek worked together. We introduced them and they were a match! Not that this was my intention. Two more amazing people you have never met. We are now friends with Pam of course.

    I just watched your video about being connected and saw Kevin Honeycutt. I know Kevin (not well) because he has been to Australia a few times to present at a conference on Assistive Technology (technology for people with disabilities). While in Australia he visited Groote Eylandte where a friend of mine now lives, Kathy Kordes. So another connection.

    The conference I mention is attended by teachers, speech therapists and others. Jayne, Phils first wife who inspired his walk, was a Speech Therapist.

    So here is my story to continue the connections. We are definitely all connected!
    It was great you noticed phil’s note on the wall.
    Best wishes, Tracey Bode

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