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2012 Getting Started

7 Degrees of Connectedness

Presenter: Rodd Lucier
Location: Komoka, Ontario, Canada
Twitter: @thecleversheep

Presentation Description: What is it for you that leads you to pay closer attention to the learners in your network? Do you feel close to those colleagues you interact with, even if you’ve never met? Are you more attuned to those people whose voices are amplified because you met at a conference; exchanged stories; shared a meal?

As our connections grow with online colleagues, we may find ourselves in qualitatively distinct relationships with co-learners. By sharing our ideas alongside details of our personal lives, we have a tendency to become more and more familiar to one another. Augment these connections with voices and imagery, and it can lead to deeper and more fulfilling connections.

In this presentation Rodd Lucier (AKA The Clever Sheep), invites you to walk along with a few of his colleagues who join him in reflecting on how modern tools are impacting our online relationships. The concept of ‘7 Degrees of Connectedness’ is introduced as one way to qualify the relationships we foster with online colleagues.

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