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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Playing with the 4C’s in an Elementary Classroom

Presenter: Paula Naugle and Jan Wells
Location: Metairie, LA, U.S.A. Meriden, KS, U.S.A.
@plnaugle and @janwells

Presentation Title: Playing with the 4C’s in an Elementary Classroom

Presentation Description: Paula and Jan are going to outline the steps they took to become innovative teachers. They will explain how their classes use the 4C’s (creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication) to complete various projects. By sharing what they did, they are trying to encourage other teachers (you) to do the same. They want other teachers to realize that reaching out is the first step. They will give you ways to find other classes to connect with and how to find some projects to get started.

iPod videomp3 audio

Additional Information:

Twitter @plnaugle
Skype plnaugle

Twitter @janwells
Skype mrs.wells4


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  2. Jose Rodriguez Post author

    Hi Jan and Paula,

    The 4 C’s are wonderful. I would and a 5th C as in Cool! I am going to try the Skype mystery call with my fifth grade students! Great tips. Love how you bring experts into the classroom with Skype. Wow! The sliding paper project is very innovating. A bit of old school drawing with video. Very practical way to introduce blogging to our students. Thanks for sharing your ideas with #k12online.

  3. Brette Lockyer

    Thanks Paula and Jan for an enjoyable presentation. Today I realized that I can use a Web 2.0 tool well with my students alone, but if I reach out, connect with another classroom, the use of the tool will become much more meaningful – and easier with the support of friends.

  4. Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)

    Thanks for taking some time from your busy schedule to leave us a comment. You and your students are going to love doing Mystery Skype calls. Let us know if you have any questions. We’ll be glad to help.

    Yes, the fifth C for Cool is what our students believe each time we complete one of our innovative lessons with them.

    Thanks for being a great and patient moderator.

  5. Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)

    Hi Brette,
    Jan and I have helped each other feel comfortable with taking risks and pushing out our classroom walls. Sometimes just knowing that we are there for each other, whether all goes well or some serious tweaking is needed, is comforting. I think too often teachers feel like the Lone Ranger when they are trying to be innovative. Having a supportive teammate or team is very encouraging. We keep pushing each other to try new things.

    Connecting and collaborating with other classes will deepen your students awareness in all things. Good luck as you take it to the next level.

  6. Kim Thomas

    Since I have followed your other work, I was thrilled to see that you had a presentation for this year. Thanks so much for your work in putting together a presentation that will benefit so many of us educators! We will be using this as part of our Tech PD in the Madison School District. Wanted to share this great information with the teachers in Madison.
    With much appreciation,
    Kim Thomas
    Madison School District

  7. Paula Naugle (@plnaugle)

    Hi Kim,
    Thank you for the kind words. If you need anything from us that will help you with your district, don’t hesitate to ask. Jan and i have been collaborating for three years now. We are thrilled that we are finally going to meet face to face this summer at ISTE.

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