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2011 Announcements

K12Online11 Day 9 Presentations: 8 December 2011

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Welcome to day nine of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week 2 Presentation Strands: Sandbox Play and Level Up

Day 9 presentations include:

Sandbox Play:
Tools to help you and your students create, produce and publish by Valerie Burton

Sandbox Play:
Everything Apps for the K12 Educator!  by Naomi Harm

Level Up:
Making Learning Fun In Spite of the Technology by Kay Tibbs

Level Up:
Creating a self-grading quiz in Google Spreadsheets by Kern Kelley

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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Everything Apps for the K12 Educator

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Presenter: Naomi Harm
Location: Brownsville, MN

Presentation Title: Everything Apps for the K12 Educator

Presentation Description: Everywhere you look, people are talking about mobile learning devices. How can we use them and their apps to assist educators with their day to day instruction and immediate and mobile assessments? How can we harness the power of this exciting new technology to better meet the needs of ALL of your students in your classroom?

Join us for this exciting, fast-paced look into the world of “Everything Apps for the PreK-12 educator!” We will explore and review apps with the following focus areas and a whole lot more!:

*Communication and Assessments
*Educator and Student Productivity
*Digital Stoyrtelling
*eBooks and Digital Textbook Creations
*English and Language Arts
*Math, Science and Social Studies
*Cloud Storage

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Additional Information:
Naomi Harm, Master of Education in Professional Development, ME-PD, best known as an 21st century educational technology literacy specialist, enthusiast and guru welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise and best practices relating to technology infused teaching and learning environments. Her dynamic career focus includes many exciting and cutting edge jobs which include: an Intel National Senior Trainer, SMART certified trainer, and manages her own “Innovative Educator” 2.0 consulting corporation. Naomi provides customized staff development technology workshops, grant writing expertise, and designs and delivers online graduate course work for universities. She also has a well-known specialty and expertise area of delivering motivational international keynote presentations focusing on emerging technologies, 21st century skills and assessments, 21st century administrative leadership, peer coaching, mobile learning technologies, project based learning, and inspired and transformative educational technology leadership. Naomi is truly passionate about building global relationships with educational technology leaders, while engaging in meaningful and collaborative conversations to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners.

2011 2011-Level Up

Creating a Self Correcting Quiz Using Google Forms

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Presenter: Kristopher Redman / Kern Kelley
Location: Newport, Maine

Presentation Title: Creating a Self Correcting Quiz Using Google Forms

Presentation Description: This presentation takes users step by step through the process of creating a self-correcting quiz using Google Forms.

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For more information about visit me on www.kristopherredman.com

2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

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Presenter: Valerie R. Burton
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Presentation Title: Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how to use a variety of tools for teachers to help engage students and for the students to produce creative work. We examine the uses of:
1. Google Docs for collaboration, Google Forms to gather information
2. Weebly.com for ePortfolios and easy websites
3. Wordle.net for avatars, presentations and prior knowledge assessment
4. Kidblog.org for student blogs
5. WordPress.com for an assignment blog
6. Edublogs.org for a class blog
7. Photopeach.com for photomovies
8. Audacity for podcasts
9. Screenr.com for how to videos
10. Twitter.com for updates
11. PBWorks.com to create on online classroom
12. Wallwisher.com to gather ideas and other online tools

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Additional Information:
Blog: http://2blog2share2learn.edublogs.org/
Presentations Site: http://msbisonline.weebly.com/

2011 2011-Level Up

Making Learning Fun In Spite of the Technology

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Presenter: Kay Tibbs
Location: United States
Twitter: @ktibbs353

Presentation Description: What if you could focus on your students’ learning and not worry about the technology they have, or more accurately, don’t have?What if it didn’t matter that some students have iOS devices while others have Android devices and those who don’t have a handheld device can use the laptops or desktop computers? Just imagine if it simply didn’t matter…. What if you could have those fancy Student Response Systems and not have to fork out money?
It doesn’t matter what device they have and that you don’t have any money to purchase a Student Response System as long as they can access the Internet. Socrative is a web-based student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. How many times have you asked students a question, just to have the smartest students be the only ones who volunteer to answer? Using Socrative, all students can answer your questions and you can see their responses right away or look at them later, whatever works for you.
Take your student learning to new levels of engagement. Make time for play in learning. Give your students the ability to discover, try, fail, solve problems, and experience that learning is fun.

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Additional Information:
My goal is to provide teachers with resources that allow them to see the power of web-based applications, the functionality of mobile technologies and the engagement that students experience as a result of letting them take control of their own learning. When teachers realize that students don’t have to have the same equipment, as long as they can access or respond to whatever the teacher is guiding, then the barriers are removed. Take your students to new levels of engagement. Make time for play in learning. Give your students the ability to discover, try, fail, solve problems, and experience that learning is fun!