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2011 2011-Level Up

What Can Be Done in Just 60 Seconds?

Presenter: Julia Osteen
Location: Norcross, GA, USA
Twitter: @josteen

Presentation Title: What Can Be Done in Just 60 Seconds?

Presentation Description:

What can be done in just 60 seconds?

empty a trash can
reply to an email
wipe spots off a mirror
cut a loose string off your clothing
OR – empower a generation!

The 60 second recap video site attempts to do just that. Their mission? To make the great works of literature accessible, relevant and irresistible to today’s teens. But the site does not stop there. It also invites a greater conversation and participation into the realm of global contribution for the purpose of education.

Sure, we want kids to get excited about reading but we also want kids to get other kids excited about reading. Find out how one teacher has used someone else’s great idea to empower her students further as readers, writers, and contributors to the greater conversation.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

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  5. R. Bryant

    “What Can Be Done in Just 60 Seconds” Is a great presentation, and a great idea? I think that many students would do a project that they could finish in 60 seconds.

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