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2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks

Presenter: Betsye Sargent & Barbara McFall
Location: Salem, MA USA

Presentation Title: Old Dogs Must Learn New Tricks

Presentation Description: Two teachers with 90 years of combined experience share the journey they took with their students, using a simulation in the classroom to answer an authentic question to prepare students to use technology to connect, communicate, and collaborate with students in other parts of the world. Incorporating PLAY helped them and their students learn to use the tools necessary to embed global projects into the curriculum.

iPod videomp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


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  8. Jose Rodriguez Post author

    Hi Barbara and Betsye,

    My students participated in Pennies for Patients last year. It was an opportunity to get excited about learning and caring at the same time. You “old dogs” really take your teaching to a new level. Students get excited about connecting with others and knowing that others share the same experiences.

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