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2011 2011-Story Time

How Do I Know I Made A Difference? (an audio story)

Presenter: Ben Hazzard
Location: Port Lambton, Ontario, Canada


Presentation Title: How Do I Know I Made A Difference? (an audio story)

Presentation Description: From the teacher’s perspective change can be scary, exciting, and full of learning. What does trying something new look like from a student’s perspective? Take a moment to consider a student as a teacher begins to explore one new learning opportunity with a class. Open your ears and visualize a whole a different perspective.

iPod video “” mp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


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  2. Kevin Hodgson

    I love the story you are telling, and how you are telling it, too. I feel as if I am tuning into public radio at its best here. Thanks for sharing your perspective of your student’s perspective. It resonated with me, too.

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