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2010 Announcements Echo Webcasts

K12Online Echo with Dr Tim Tyson

Please plan to join organizers and other participants in the free K-12 Online Conference this Monday evening (North American time) for an interactive “Echo” webcast with Dr. Tim Tyson. Details for the event, including an RSVP link, are available on the Ning event for the Echo. The webcast will start at 9 pm EST / 8 pm CST / 7 pm MST / 6 pm PST. Use this link from dateandtime.com to check the start time in your local area. Dr Tyson presented “The Classroom Teacher As a 21st Century Instructional Leader” in the “Leading the Change” strand of the 2010 conference.

During the Echo webcast, we’ll be watching Tim’s presentation and discussing it in a text back-channel. We’ll also have an opportunity to interact with Tim afterwards and he’ll respond to participant questions. If you don’t already, follow Tim Tyson on Twitter @timtyson and subscribe to his blog, drtimtyson.com/blog. Tim’s K12Online10 message was both inspirational and challenging. This will be an echo webcast you won’t want to miss!

All K-12 Online Conference Echo Webcasts are archived on EdTechTalk.

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  1. Eileen D.

    Wow, what a powerful speaker. Dr. Tim talks about teachers being leaders in the class and the community. He talks about Finland’s approach to education, “sisu” which incorporates the all for one and one for all idea regarding education and investing in their students future. He goes on to say how the US national interest is based on individual interests and gain. Our children no longer believe in the American Dream because they can not see how things will be different for them tomorrow because of what they do today. I am not happy with the direction this country is going in regarding the cut backs of teachers, schools, etc. Children are learning to react to what is around them in this country for the most part instead of being encouraged to be procative and working as a unit in the learning process. I feel that being able to learn how to use technology as a tool to communicate with other educators, students is becoming escential now more that ever.

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