1. Brian Metcalfe

    Jennifer … you make all Canadian educators (and I’m sure many Scottish teacher) very proud! Your GPS/Geocaching keynote, together with the wealth of educational resources on your ‘Trailsoptional” blog, provide a goldmine of treasures. As a retired educator who has just started geocaching in Manitoba, I am amazed at your wealth of knowledge and your passion for engaging your students.

    Can you advise how you created the “artist” avatar to complement your presentation? I’m wondering if you used an xtraNormal figure or is there another animated resource that I should explore.

    Thanks again for caring & sharing.
    Take care & keep smiling :-) Brian

  2. Chris Betcher

    Great stuff Jen! I love going geocaching, and have done quite a bit of it with my own children, but I think you’ve inspired me to get some geocaching going with the students at school… it really is a wonderful crosscurricula activity, and you’ve managed to explain the concept of geocaching by wrapping it in some nice pedagogy as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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