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Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy

Presenter: Jason Neiffer
Location: Helena, Montana, USA
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Presentation Title: Probing the Prospects of Paperless Pedagogy

Presentation Description: After years of lobbying, my high school World Cultures course is now assigned to a computer lab each day during my school year. In this proto-one-to-one environment, I am attempting a largely paperless classroom. Using Moodle, Web 2.0 tools and a mix of liberal computer lab hours and checkout laptops, I have eliminated the paper shuffle from my World Cultures class. I am now three months into my project and ready to report the early results including its impact on my other courses.

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Additional Information:
Twitter: neiffer
Twitter: techsavvyteach

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  1. Diane Woodard

    What a great presentation Jason! I love that you shared the successes, challenges and “next step” for the paperless classroom!

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