(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.

K-12 Online Conference 2009 Webcast on EdTechTalk

Join the K-12 Online Conference 2009 convener team on the Thursday night session of Edtech Brainstorm with Doug Symington and friends at http://edtechtalk.com/live this week, on July 30, 2009. This weekly meeting takes place at 9pm – 10pm Eastern, or 1 AM GMT on July 31st. (Use this World Time Server link to view the time in your local time zone.) We will be discussing our progress in preparing for this year’s conference, including the call for presentations (open through August 16th) and our soon-to-be released call for committee volunteers this year.   Come and find out what the K-12 Online Conferenice is all about, and help us brainstorm about some changes to our live events for this year!!!

Specifically, we will discuss the possibility of offering a “September Lee Baber Jamboree” webcast with EdTechTalk, which would feature some of the best presentations from past K-12 Online Conference years. Dave Cormier wrote the post, “The First Annual Lee Baber Jamboree – Win a community” back in March, and those thoughts along with our K-12 Online Conference Convener discussions about having live events this year which involve EdTechTalk, Ustream, and synchronous backchannel discussions as we watch and listen to conference presentations together are the background for this online meetup on July 30th. As conveners we’ve discussed these possibilities, but we think it would be great to share these ideas with others to get feedback and suggestions. If we have a K-12 Online Jamboree (possibly on Saturday, September 26th) it would provide us a chance to try out the Ustream and EdTechTalk configurations we’re considering using in December during the weeks of the actual K12Online09 conference.

Please join us on EdTechTalk this coming Thursday if you can, and also feel free to share comments, thoughts, and ideas here as comments on the blog.

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